Laamu Asseyri given to JResorts

asseyri project at Laamu Gan
proposed design of the Asseyri Project

Laamu Asseyri project could be the next best thing to come to Maldives tourism. Asseyri (or Beach) project was thought up to cater for the growing calls to start mid-market tourism in the country. Tourism experts have called for such a concept for a long time. With the new Assyri concept, guest rooms will be built on the western beach side of Laamu Gan on approximately 25 acres of land. There will be two resorts with 300 beds each, 79 guest houses and recreational facilities.
laamu gan asseyri project
location of Asseyri highlighed in red

The selling point for new Asseyri based tourism will be to be able to give lower room rates than conventional resort islands which is perfectly feasible as existing resort islands operate at very high profit margins.

However the concept does not seem to have generated a lot of interests and only 3 parties are known to have proposed bids to build the facilities. The winning bidder is JResorts which is already struggling with a string of undeveloped islands and barely managing to keep afloat their only running resort at Alidhoo. However there is still potential for this idea as Laamu area is being expanded for tourism.

Laamu Gan Asseyri project will consist of 2 resorts and 69 guest houses
Laamu Gan Asseyri project

Six Senses Laamu still in the works.

The beautiful island of Six Senses Laamu or Laamu Olhuveli is still in the works and incorporating lots of finer points to luxury resort design. Although the resort is reported to be said to be marketed for ordinary human beings (vs the super rich like in most resorts) the resort is offering great insights to how resorts could be innovative in design and purpose. Here are some pics of the resorts facilities below.

The organic garden is supposed to grow almost all the cabbages, carrots etc for the restaurant nearby the garden. The idea is to pluck the fruits and vegetables right when the guest orders it and then have it prepared in real time! Could be a very delicious idea!

Massaging is more about tweaking human sensations… So the sensation demands exotic places, sometimes like over the tree-tops.

Dining jetties are also a bright idea where the guests can enjoy the meal with breathtaking scenery…

Laamu Six Senses set to open in August

The island is being developed by Six Senses brand which owns the Sonevafushi and Sonevagili resorts. The island is located in Laamu atoll which has the longest islands and the area is set to become the next hub of tourism. The resort is still under construction with work at frantic speeds trying to beat the deadline of August in time.

rendered model of water villa room

rendered model of water villa suite