W Maldives is The best employer of 2012

By numbers, W Maldives is the best employer of the year in 2012.

Below is the list of service charges for various resorts in 2012.

MRW congratulates W Maldives for being the best employer in 2012 and urge other resorts to make a fair attempt to get the title of the best employer in 2013.

For most of the resorts, it’s just a matter of coming clean through accounts to give a fair distribution of service charge to the staff, which is by law entitled to staff.

Alimatha Strike update

Confrontation with police had happened with the protesters in Alimatha when the police arrested 3 of the employees.

An employee of Alimatha said that protests took place in the island, following the dismissal of the employees who led the preparation of a petition requesting an increase in employee allowance. The petition, signed by 36 Maldivian employees, requests for an increase in the salary and service charge provided by the resort as the employees are not able to make ends meet with their present incomes. Ashaam Hassan, one of the employees who led the preparation of the petition, that the management had said that it was not able to cater to any of the employees’ demands.