>Distance from Male Airport (km) 142
>Size of island (m): 850×100
>Time of transfer seaplane (min.): 40
>Total room 112
>Number of rooms/island size (mq2) 759
>Resort category 4 star
> Beach Villa 58
> Beach Villa Suite 8
> Water Villa 44
> Honeymoon Water Villa 2
>Telephone: +960 6720026
>Telefax: +960 6720027
>Web site:
>E-mail address:

Have you worked in Medhufushi? If so please share your views here in comments,

Medhufushi 3A
Medhufushi 3A

4 thoughts on “Medhufushi

  1. they treat there employees as slave becuz they only pay service charge of $ 50 and pay as low as possible ooohhhhh my god wot a group…… me for further assitance and direction to choose any resort…..

  2. Iam totally shocked they pay very low .Resort have to understand that they have to pay little more as there currecy is little stronger then few neiboroning countries but they offer me 300 $ iam engineer with 3 year experience and 4 year degree its huge joke for me in country like maldives there thinking is very low they want to earn more but dnt want to loose their pocket if u invert more u earn ,more if ur employees are not happy u never earn good money over all……..bye bad experience with such resort……i give them 1 out of 10 for so near join this resort ever my request to all….if u want to contact me contact me on knw i guide u for wright job at right place otherwise few ppl ruin ur life for their small profits

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