Kurumba Village (vihamanaafushi)

>Location: North Male’ Atoll
>Distance from airport:3 kms. from Hulhule
>Transfer type:15 mins. from Airport by Speedboat
>Number of rooms: 180 Rooms

Kurumba Village
Kurumba Village

Have you worked in Kurumba Village (vihamanaafushi)? If so please share your views about the resort here with us in comments. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Kurumba Village (vihamanaafushi)

  1. ya i worked in Kurumba maldives (ie. Kurumba village) it was after renovation on 2004. It’s was my first resort experience.. so i was very happy in the start. In there u have to be duty always on time (if u feel like 😀 LOL) even if we get late the only question they will ask will be why are you late? that’s it. ppl get sick 5 days a week some times, but who cares? in my view in maldives they are the highest in earnings(the resort makes HELL lot of money) but they give very little to there staff. (which universal group is famous for) the manger Naseem(kulhulhey) treats staff like shit, he swears at staff saying (nagoo ****) and lot of other things. but i guess he’s little better now as he’s quite old. You know WHY universal is rich and HOW? By US.. they drink our sweat and blood. that’s how they became rich.

  2. Have worked in KV. It was a long time ago. Was very fun actually. Almost every morning we would woke up when somebody pours a bucket of water on us… on the bed and everything.. will woke up drenched wet and as soon as it starts everyone joins the fun and make a “water sports” of the room.. then we will have to take the pillows and mattresses and everything outside to let it dry.. lots of fun actually.. and sometimes furniture in the room also gets broken during the morning rough plays.. but nobody got hurt though…

    have lots of happy memories from KV actually

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