Magudhua Gdh.



>located in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll
>is 685 meters long in length and has an area of 14.5 Ha.
> is situated 432 km from Hulhule’ International Airport.
>takes less than 45 minutes to the Kaadedhdhoo Regional Airport in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and from there it is 46 km distance to the resort.
>has subleased this island to Ahmet Aydeniz Instaat an International Company based in Turkey.
>The Sublease Agreement was signed on 24th October 2007.
>The tourism Ministry regulations allow the island to operate as a 200 bed tourist resort.
> The construction permit for the resort was granted on 19th November 2008 and the resort is expected to start operations in March 2010.

some project pictures below..

land villa

water villa

5 thoughts on “Magudhua Gdh.

  1. Hi I am from GDh.fares Know I am working in kuramathi Island Resort at Room attendent its too far & too heard to go over island I want Join these company and work there if you have Room attendent job please inform me..

  2. please snd me a up date as I’am from the same area working as restaurant manager in one of the Number one resort in maldives
    i would like to join the New opening
    to Bring all the goods from these star resorts

    1. Thanks for your interest. We will also keep an eye on the resort and will update as soon as we get info about the resort. We are always delighted to bring useful info to fellow workers. Its also our belief that resorts shall prioritize hiring closer to the island wherever possible so that staff could be closer to family.

      Thanks once again and remember to subscribe to get automatic updates from our blog.

      Respectfully yours.

  3. Please let us Know when to open a Magudhu
    we are from G-DH working in far a way from oue home land once open few star resort we would love to work and bring as same standarad in O&O as well as Four Season and Soneva the reason is most of us from south maldives

    please send us up date day to day


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