Situation at year end

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· Two resorts Alidhoo (Cinnamon Island) and Kudarah (closed for renovation) which are not paying rent has been taken over by revenue authority.

· Parliament has passed the most controversial piece of law which will ensure that any mp who has served any time in parliament will get roughly 1000$ per month (for life time) as ‘recognition’ for their service. Notably this bill was fiercely opposed by most MDP members. This bill has 0% acceptance with public and is will inflame public against them.

· Tourism target figures have not been achieved this year because of the anti-campaigns against the country’s tourism sector by the former administration. Situation is complicated by the messy transition of power and occasional pileups on the garbage island which is frequently reported in international media.

· After multiple murders, stabbings and at last the brutal killing of an MP, there is currently a draft bill for a law which would see capital punishment for serious violent crimes. This legislation will have overwhelming public support but the form of punishment will likely be watered-down to appease the concerns of donor nations and international bodies.

· GMR airport has been taken over by the govt. which was a controversial deal from the start. The direct implications of the affair has seen India tightening visa restriction to Maldives as a result of which airlines which fly locals to India for medical treatment are taking losses. Seeing an obvious opportunity to provide good medical treatment, Villa group chairman announces plans to create the first high quality medical treatment facility in his island.

· Another controversial project, the Immigration database project has been halted by govt. after recommendation by ACC, civil court order, parliament advice and strong public backing.

· GMR deal, immigration database and parliament are the 3 major pointers to corruption in the Maldives and two has been effectively struck down with public approval. The fight for the parliament is heating up and the coming new year will see important but needed corrections.

Wish our readers, employers and all fellow workers a happy new year!

When is Alidhoo staff going to be paid?


Alidhoo Resort staff allegedly still owed wages: “If they don’t like it, they can leave,” says resort owner Jabir 

Foreign staff at Alidhoo Resort allegedly unpaid for six months: “No complaints with my Ministry,” says Human Rights Minister 

Alidhoo Resort sacks 12 staff members following strike over unpaid salaries 

Alidhoo resort staff on strike over unpaid wages


Above are some recent headlines from Minivan. Each story is about the same story. Its about Alidhoo staff not being paid for a couple of months. This is also no longer a secret in Maldives. Its common knowledge that this is about a very bad employer fully immersed in politics who is always in debt to staff. So where does this leave us? Why cannot somebody take action against this. We seems to have the mechanisms to tackle issues like this but they are not seen to be doing anything about it.  Maybe its because of the politics, but still wage not paid still unpaid wage and people suffer for that. We shall use more of our efforts to make people aware and tackle injustices like this.

We ask all resort workers and our readers to raise this issue with anyone relevant to keep pressure on employers to stop this crime against workers. Below are some email addresses to send the story or your concerns.