Chaaya Lagoon (Hakura Huraa)

hakuraa club chayaa lagoon
hakuraa club chayaa lagoon

> 70 Water Bungalows
>10 Beach Bungalows
>Distance from Male Airport (km) 145
>Size of island (m): 350×150
>Time of transfer seaplane (min.): 40
>Total room 80
>Number of rooms/island size (mq2) 656
>Resort category 4

>Telephone: +960 6720014
>Telefax: +960 6720013
>Web site:
>E-mail address:

Have you worked in Chaaya Lagoon (Hakura Huraa)? If so pls share your views here in a comment.

3 thoughts on “Chaaya Lagoon (Hakura Huraa)

  1. dear sir i looking for a hotel job in maldives so present do not work any where
    but before i had work in cafeteria in maldive as 11 commis (cook) and can be make maldives food

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