source: http://www.kuramathi.com/

Address: Ari Atoll, Maldives
Phone Number: (960) 666 0527
Fax Number: (960) 666 0556
Email Address: info@kuramathi.com.mv
Website: http://www.kuramathi.com
Distance from airport: 35 miles
Boat Transfer: 90 minutes
Seaplane Transfer: 15 minutes
Last transfer to Kuramathi is at 1530 hrs

Hotel Name: Kuramathi Cottage & Spa
>Total number of rooms 83
>50 Water Bungalows,
>31 Beach Bungalows
> 2 Suite

Hotel Name: Kuramathi Blue Lagoon
>Total number of rooms 56
>20 Water Bungalows
>36 Beach Bungalows

Hotel Name: Kuramathi Village

>Total number of rooms 151
>33 Superior Rooms
>83 Deluxe Rooms
>35 Standard Rooms

Have you worked in Kuramathi? If so please share your views about the resort here with us in comments. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Kuramathi

  1. I am a teacher in Australia. I am going to teach my students about this resort as I will be holidaying there very soon. I would like to describe to my students what it is like to work on kuramathi. Could any worker there please make a comment about the working conditions.

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