3A Resorts

Zitahli Resorts &Spa & AAA Hotels and Resorts is owned & operated under the same management as AAA Hotels.. Zitahli brand has been produced in order to focus more on the 5 star market. s.
Zitahli Resorts are:
•Zitahli Kuda-Funafaru(opened 15Aug2008)
•Zitahli Dholhiyadhoo(opening March2009)
•Zitahli Honda-Fushi(opening 2010)

Medhufushi 3A

Medhufushi 3A

Filitheyo 3A

Filitheyo 3A

CEO Hamza of AAA Hotels and resorts

Ahmed Hamza 3a co.

Ahmed Hamza 3a co.

5 thoughts on “3A Resorts

  1. i would like to work better place like Filitheyo where i can make my best career pls is it to possible pls call me this is rezaulhuq razu phone 7533802

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