Ranveli (Villingilivaru)

Ranveli, Villingilivaru
Ranveli, Villingilivaru

Ranveli Fact sheet
>name: Ranveli Village & Spa
>Size of the island: The approximate size of the island is 200m
>length and the width is 40m excluding the beach area.
>Location: eastern tip of South Ari Atoll approximately 77 km from Male` International Airport.
> takes 25 minutes to reach the island by Air-Taxi or one hour 30 minutes ride by a speedboat.
>Accommodation: has 56, nicely designed spacious beach fronted Superior rooms.
>Telephone: (00960) 315703
> Fax: (00960) 315728
>Mobile: (00960) 782234
>E-mail address: travel@guardian.com.mv
> website: http://www.ranveli.com.mv

some background infor from DO. Link:http://www.dhivehiobserver.com/articles/khadeeja-3_2207054.htm

Monaza Naeem
Monaza Naeem


Khadheeja Hassan and Guardian Agency Pvt. Ltd.

>Guardian Agency affair
>Khadheeja was a partner of the company
>She was invited to join the board and be an equal partner based on private agreements between Guardian�s owner Mohamed Naeem (Monaza).
>Naeem was also an elected independent member for Laamu Atoll in the Peoples Special Majlis.
> she began proceedings against Guardian Agency and Naeem on the 6th of September 2004.
>her legal counsel being Shah Hussain & Co. of which her daughter Dheena Hussain (senior Lawyer for the Defence Ministry) is the �Hussain� in Shah Hussain & Co.
>and Shuaib Shah is the Bangladeshi son-in-law of President Gayyoom. >Rifaath Jaleel as Financial Consultant.
>Rifaath is also the husband of Dheena Hussain and is brother to the Finance Minister Hon. Mohamed Jaleel.
>On the 9th of September the Tourism Ministry granted her request and cancelled the operating license held by Guardian Agency and granted her a new operating license.
>On the 10th of September the resort was formally occupied by Khadheeja Hassan and her brother Ali Manik of M. Gulisthaanuge. On that day, all employees of Ranveli were gathered to inform that they will not have any dealings with Guardian Agency Private Limited anymore for anything and that either Ali Manik or Khadheeja herself would be dealing with all issues regarding Ranveli and its employees.

>removal of employees (without any notice) loyal to Guardian Agency and Naeem.
>In the days that followed, another 50 employees left their jobs after wages and salaries that were due were refused by Khadheeja and Ali Manik.
>Among the people whose wages were not paid included 28 foreign nationals who had to go back to their own countries empty handed after months attempting to get compensation from Khadheeja Hassan.

Out of the 48 that left the company, including the 5 that was terminated, 27 were Maldivians with outstanding wages amounting to MRF 114, 662. Six were Bangladeshi nationals with outstanding wages amounting to MRF 27,969.42. Two Nepalese nationals with outstanding wages amounting MRF 8,289.80. Six Sri Lankan Nationals with outstanding wages amounting to MRF 21, 428.10 and Twelve Indian Nationals with wages amounting MRF 46,576.86.

>There were also 2 Philipino employees that worked at the spa that also left willingly after their salaries were refused.

>On the 16th of September a letter was received to the Tourism Ministry from Mr. Shaheen Hameed acting in his capacity as legal counsel for Guardian Agency and Naeem.

>Attorney General Dr. Hassan Saeed giving his legal opinion to the current Tourism Minister Hon. Mustapha Luthfy agrees �in his legal opinion that this was done illegally and unlawfully and should be overturned�. Nothing was done by the Attorney Generals Office.

>On the 20th of September Ms. Khadheeja while still remaining in her official capacity as the Senior Executive Director of the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), she wrote a personal letter to all the banks in the Maldives.
These included banks that Guardian Agency Pvt Ltd has no business interests with.
> the banks promptly freezed 13 bank accounts belonging to Guardian Agency Pvt Ltd, other sisters companies of Guardian Agency and all private accounts belonging to Mr. Mohamed Naeem
>on the 9th of November 2004, Guardian Agency informed the Tourism Ministry of its legal proceedings against Ms. Khadheeja Hassan

>One the 2nd of May 2005, Mr. Naeem wrote a letter to the president of the republic. In the letter Mr. Naeem reveals that the resort was purchased for US$ 432,500 of his own money. He makes note of the fact that Khadheeja did not spend a single cent in the purchase of the resort whilst agreeing that she is a 50% shareholder of the company Guardian Agency Pvt Ltd.
>On the 15th the President responded in its typical fashion with a single sentence letter. It read �since the issue of Ranveli Village is in courts at this moment, it is the procedure of this office to not to comment on such matters.

>On the 22nd of May, Naeem received a letter from Shah, Hussain & Co acting on behalf of State Bank of India (SBI). The letter threatens Naeem claiming that all overdue payments should be made immediately or the bank will be forced to file petition to wind up the company for failure to pay debts as well as filing a suit in the Maldives Civil Court for recovery of unpaid debt.

>The loans that SBI is mentioning are loans taken under both Khadheeja and Naeem�s name to upgrade Ranveli. The loans were taken by all companies that Naeem and Khadheeja has shares of. The bank is in actual fact helpless as to how to recover their debts as Khadheeja is the head of MMA and is chasing Naeem due to instructions to Khadheeja. >Meanwhile the bank had allowed Khadheeja to illegally transfer the same funds from Ranveli accounts of Guardian Agency to her own personal accounts in BML and HSBC so that she can continue operate Ranveli. It is the same money that the bank is chasing Naeem for.

Khadheeja had also stolen from Guardian Agency Pvt Ltd. Stationary with the company letterhead and is using these to write letters to the banks that Guardian had accounts with making illegal decisions on behalf of the company.

>Khadheeja had also launched a bid to claim money from the insurers of Ranveli Village, Janashakti Insurance Company of Sri Lanka. She filed a claim for 1.2 million dollars citing damages from the Boxing Day tsunami that affected the nation. The insurance company sent a team of inspectors to the resort and surveyed the damages that Khadheeja claims to have happened. Upon their inspection it was found that Ranveli is one of least damaged resorts in the Maldives and the owners should consider themselves to be lucky. Regardless, the insurers concluded there were some damages and they agreed to pay out USD 200,000. Khadheeja considered this to be an insult to her. She summoned the members of the insurance company to MMA during official hours for a meeting. At the meeting she kept saying that it was insult to her that they are only offering her 200,000 while she has made a claim for 1.2 million.

>Failing to make full claims on her last attempt, she files for another one. As recent weeks has seen storms hitting nation wide, she files for $600,000 on already worn out building in the island.

3 thoughts on “Ranveli (Villingilivaru)

  1. Oooh God almighty you will know best Dheena Hussain did break the swear upon God almighty for which Dheena Hussain promised under the oath to be taking truth at the shariah if she is doing purposely Oooh God almighty shut up her harmful mouth and paralyze her mouth so that Dheena Hussain can never ever harm others aaamin

  2. Dheena Hussain theduveri kamaai amaanaai theri kamaai eku vakaalaathu kurumah maai alloohu gandhee huvaa koh gen hure mashah adi don bappa monaazaa Naeemu ah deefavaa gehlumuge sababakee Deena Hussain gasthugaa din ladeh kamah waa nama Dheena Hussain ge anga bandu kurah vaa ekan duniye ah dahka vaafaan deeve aaamin allahakbar .

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