Gazeera Gdh

Gazeera Gdh Atoll
Gazeera Gdh Atoll

>Gazeera is an island located in Gaafu Alifu Atoll
>The winning bid for the island was by Mr. Ibrahim Rasheed, M. Paruvaanaage
>approximately 440 km to the south of Male.
>Traveling distance from Male is about two hours by seaplane.
>The island has an area of 52,008.81 sq m.
>number of rooms that are going to be developed are 36 rooms.
>It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the perimeter of the island.
>Gan International Airport, is located within 15 minutes travelling distance by seaplane.
>The design is of the hotel has been carried out in accordance with Bulgari – Ritz Carlton design requirements and technical specification. >The architecht is the world renowned architect Antonio Citterio.

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