Constance Moofushi

constance moofushi
Constance Moofushi

The island plan:

Moofushi map
Moofushi island map

Now opened after renovation:

Distance from Male Airport (km) 92
Size of island (m): 280×160
Time of transfer seaplane (min.): 25
Beach Villas: 24
Water Villas: 56
Senior Water Villas:30

Number of rooms/island size (mq2) 407
Stars: 5

Telephone: +960 6680517
fax: +960 6680509
Web site:

pic of old Moofushi:

14 thoughts on “Constance Moofushi

  1. Good Day Ma’am? Sir my name is Jet and im from Philippines, i would like to apply a job as a singer/entertainer in your hotel..i’d been work to malaysia and even in china, for some 4 and 5 star Hotels, also at bars and nightclubs..,i could be solo singer or even w/ a band ..i am hoping and looking forward to hear anything from u, my email add is, i will be glad for your reply thanks and God Bless..

    Jet 🙂

  2. Curriculum Vitae 1

    Sex: Male
    Marital Status: MARRIED
    DOB: 02.04.1979
    Nationality: Mauritian
    ID: B020419792300864
    Address: 24 LIGNE BERTHAUD VACOAS, Mauritius.
    Mobile: + 230 57728448
    Passport number.1321148
    Americain visas.F8619354 exp 27aug2071 visa type c1/d
    Seaman book.DB00053160
    Yellow fever from 10 oct 2009 valid 10 yrs from this date

    My career within the hospitality Industry has enabled my person to evolve from a high-energy, enthusiastic and dependable, however, impulsive and overconfident nature towards a more tranquil, mature, discreet and down to earth individual with the ability to manage relationships and build rapport. Throughout the years, I came across spirituality and also an eye to details. I am a motivated self-starter with aptitude for learning new skills quickly and the ability to plan, forecast and anticipate. I have consistently been recognised for producing high quality work and being highly adaptable to change in ever-dynamic environments. I am effective in problem identification and problem solving with demonstrated capacity to deliver results and achieve personal and professional goals. I now find myself with the ability to work under pressure whilst still delivering utmost performance. I firmly believe that dedication, commitment and passion both on a personal and professional basis are the perfect concoction to yield success.
    Seeking opportunities to acquire more talents in a growth-oriented Tourism & Hospitality company where skills, background and experience will contribute to the organisation’s continuous effective and efficient success as well as my own proficiency and individual development.
    I believe I do possess:
    Technical Skills: The ability to apply specialised knowledge and knowhow pertaining to the Tourism & Hospitality Industry.
    Human Skills: The ability to work with, understand and motivate other people, both individually and in groups.
    Social Skills: Personal Hygiene and adaptability of tone of voice, attention to different social situations.
    Conceptual Skills: The mental ability to analyse & diagnose complex situations.
    Skills Base
    • Highly effective in documentation practices.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills in French and English, Mauritian Creole.
    • Good Knowledge of Tourism Markets, Vouchers, Segmentation, Price Discrimination, Supplements, Specials
    • Hard worker and reliable individual, able to collaborate in a team enterprise.
    • Proven leadership and human management skills.
    • Time-efficient, systematic working methodology.
    • Rapid adaptability to new problem-solving and new locations.
    • Valid driving license.

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  4. Dear Madam?sir,
    i would like to apply as receptionist/male spa therapist i am confident to apply of that skilled because i have first years experience,for receptionist and spa therapist,i am working now in dubai if you hired me i can cancelled my visa here,from philippines.

    Thank you.

    Renie Mang

  5. good day mam,

    I would to apply for the position of spa therapist.i have 3 and half years of experience and still working right now on spa here in philippines.
    All my documents is prepared already.thank you.hope to hear you soon.

  6. dear sir/madam
    i would like to apply for a position as bar mgr or bar supervisor if you have any vacancies.
    in the past i have for constance lemuria for five yrs as bar mgr
    will be awaiting a good response from you sir

  7. dear sir/ madam,

    if you have any vacancies for the barman or waiter, i will waiting for that.

    thank you

    indika prasad rovel

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