Equator Village (Gan, Addu)


Name: Equator Village
Telephone no: 00960 – 6898721
Fax no: 00960 – 6898020
Email: equator@dhivehinet.net.mv
Means of transport to island: From Hulule Airport to Gan Airprt by domestic aircraft. From Gan Airport to resort vehicles
Distance to Hulule (airport Male): 450 km
Time of transfer: From Hulule to Gan Airport 90 minutes
:From Gan Airport to resort 5 minutes
Number of rooms 78 Double rooms

2 thoughts on “Equator Village (Gan, Addu)

  1. I have been trying to make a booking for some clients & although the email was responded to quickly on my initial enquiry – I have since sent 4 more emails, all of which have been received but no reply. My client is a regular to Maldives & wishes to visit Equator Village – if someone could reply ASAP I would appreciate it. I have already booked flights & other accommodation for my clients so I will need to book a different resort for the required date if I don’t get a response this time. Many Thanks

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