Kandholhu Island Resort – North Ari atoll

Kandholhudhoo Resort...?
Kandholhudhoo Resort...?

>Distance from Male Airport (km) 73
>Size of island (m): 210×120
>Time of transfer seaplane (min.): 25
>Total room 18
>Number of rooms/island size (mq2) 1.400
>Resort category: 4
>Standard Bungalow: 6
>Beach Front Deluxe: 8
>Water Bungalow Suite: 4
>Telephone: +960 6660527
>Telefax: +960 6660556
>E-mail: kandholhu@dhivehinet.net.mv

This resort does not appear on the official list of registered resorts in Maldives and the owners of the resort seems to be sensitive to this. The island is not advertised as a resort but as a “health island” which seems like a technicality to avoid having to pay rent for the island. Anyways a problematic island (one of many), little is known about..

some more background info: here
Have you worked in Kandholhu Island? If so please share your views of the island here in comments.

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