Island Hideaway (Dhonakulhi)

Dhonakulhi, Island Hideaway
Dhonakulhi, Island Hideaway

>45-minute flight from the airport at Malé, to Hanimaadhoo Airport
>20 minutes in speedboat to resort from Hanimaadhoo
>FIRST Marina in the Maldives
>beach length 1.4 kilometres on each side,
>width 500 metres
>land area of 234,000 m²
>was opened on 1st August 2005
>6 types of guest villas.
>Telephone: +960 6501515
>Web site:
>E-mail address:

CEO, Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi, Spa Resort and Marina, Maldives

Shuaib Shuaib M. Shah Son in Law of Former president
Shuaib Shuaib M. Shah Son in Law of Former president

The island of Dhonakulhi was awarded to the former president Maumoon’s son in law in a controversial bidding process which according to some media would have gone to ADK NAashid who proposed a higher valued bid for the island. One of the many controversial deals done in the past regime.

3 thoughts on “Island Hideaway (Dhonakulhi)

  1. Hi Mirko,

    I believe his talking about the past experience before the closure of the resort. Now speaking of, I am also going to join next week, in the f&b. How about you!


  2. There are several irregularities in this resort. The Executive Chef act like the owner of the resort, and does whatever he wants; The doo doesn´t care about the Maldivians´rights, and spend most of the day drkinking alcohol at Meeru bar, or driving the buddy, which means, doing NOTHING.
    There are some bribes between departments, to get special benefits regarding food, or other issues.
    The COO is Michael Wieser, an Austrian.
    There is a high turnover rate, due to the management and the living conditions.
    That place is a joke: the less you do the better you are treated.

    1. This is quite worrying review for me as i was considering moving to work there… Could you please give me further information at the following email address:
      I would really appreciate that. Thanks a lot

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