Sun Island Resort & Spa (Nalaguraidhoo)

sun Island Map
sun Island Map


Details Villa Sun Island Resort & Spa
stars: 4
Address: Nalaguraidhoo, South Ari Atoll
>about 1.6 km in length and around 380 meters in width
>has 426 guestrooms
>including 72 water bungalows
>out of which, 4 are Presidential Suites
>218 Super Deluxe Beach Bungalows
> 136 Deluxe Beach Bungalows.
>Deluxe Rooms=(20.63 m2 / 222.04 sqft)
>Super Deluxe Rooms=(25.33 m2 / 272.62 sqft)
>Water Bungalows=(31.62 m2 / 340.39 sqft)
>Presidential Suites=(246 m2 / 2648 sqft)

One thought on “Sun Island Resort & Spa (Nalaguraidhoo)

  1. hello,I just want to ask that what kind of medical clinic setup does sun island have,and what type of accomodation do they provide to a doctor,and are they allowed to take benefits from the facilities available there like gym,swimming pool ,etc???please reply

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