Felidhe atoll

>90 minutes by speed boat from airport a
>Fulidhu, the closest of the five fishing islands in the area, is 30 Distance from Male Airport (km) 58
Size of island (m): 230×80
Time of transfer seaplane (min.): 20
Time of transfer speed-boat (min.): 120
Total room :45
Number of rooms/island size (mq2) 409
Resort category 4

>Tel: +960 670 0593
>Fax: +960 670 0592
>Email: dhiggiri@dhivehinet.net.mv
>Website: http://www.dhiggiriresort.com

male office
D.I Resort Pvt. Ltd.
Opera no.02, Chandhaneemagu
Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 332 3524
Fax: +960 332 2516
Email: reservation@safari.com.mv

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