Strike in Paradise Island

Strike action has taken place in Paradise Island Resort of Villa Group Hotels with protesting staff of the island demanding unpaid arrears of service charge and overtime pay.

The demands of the protesters were met by the Group and the chairman of the group himself came to negotiate with the protesting staff.

Mr. Gasim promised to pay the demanded monies as of this evening and explained the delays were caused by the recent sudden requirement by the government to repay some huge loans the Group had to pay to the BML and the global recession which is beginning to show effects on the tourism industry. The strike is reported to be resolved and the workers have resumed their duties.

Off season comes…

major repairs are done in the off season
major repairs are done in the off season

Its quite chilly in many parts of Europe and the tourist season in Maldives is ending for the year. The resort owners as of wont would be contemplating on major renovations and repairs for the resorts for the next season come 6 months from now. But the next few months might bring more surprises for the industry although we have been spared the full force of economic fury that is claiming business on a daily basis in other parts of the world. Already resorts are pressuring themselves to trim the number of staffs and plans to save energy and strict internal budgets for various departments are springing up in a hurried frenzy. All estimates for guest arrivals for this year are glum and employers are showing a brave face but it remains to be seen how long can the storm be weathered without causing real damage to the masses of employees across the country with it bringing socio economic problems as our country is too much dependent on tourism.
Our new government is trying its best visiting countries to seek foreign investment and there is some hope that their work might bring some solace to an already dwindling returns on 2 industries we rely too much on. But its too early to be optimistic when all economic indicators are down and there is no real hope of recovery yet on the horizon.