Six Senses Laamu still in the works.

The beautiful island of Six Senses Laamu or Laamu Olhuveli is still in the works and incorporating lots of finer points to luxury resort design. Although the resort is reported to be said to be marketed for ordinary human beings (vs the super rich like in most resorts) the resort is offering great insights to how resorts could be innovative in design and purpose. Here are some pics of the resorts facilities below.

The organic garden is supposed to grow almost all the cabbages, carrots etc for the restaurant nearby the garden. The idea is to pluck the fruits and vegetables right when the guest orders it and then have it prepared in real time! Could be a very delicious idea!

Massaging is more about tweaking human sensations… So the sensation demands exotic places, sometimes like over the tree-tops.

Dining jetties are also a bright idea where the guests can enjoy the meal with breathtaking scenery…


5 thoughts on “Six Senses Laamu still in the works.

  1. I think you are doing a pretty good job on this blog. Do you think it would be nice to name “Maldives Best Resort based on employee satisfaction”? Do you think industry would support such an initiative as employees will have to fill a survey questionnaire?

    Also there are some other considerations involved. If such a survey is done obviously the winner will be a 5 star resort. This might not be fair for 4 star resorts; resort earns less, spends less for employees who are less competent compared to works at upmarket resorts.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and yes such an initiative would be much appreciated. We have done a small such survey some time back but its incomplete and we will hopefully carry it through. As for a 5 star resort being more likely to be a favourite, this could be an issue and where this is found to be the case we could introduce some sort of weighing mechanism against brand strength or affluence to be fair to the smaller fish. However it must be remembered that to be fair to the staff an employer does not have to be 5 star.

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