The idea of a Tourist Village..

Some industry experts are suggesting an interesting new concept of a tourist product in Maldives which is the Tourist Village. The idea is to create several hotels (5 or more) in a big island with lots of accompanying services to be outsourced to other businesses. Currently all our resorts are dedicated hotels in one island which is running in complete autonomy. The idea is very interesting as it will be an opportunity for lots of businesses to do business in one island. For example the security, transportation, staff accommodation can all be handled by different companies instead of one resort management which will be a very welcome different work atmosphere. Although the idea is just an idea it is expected to get some serious thought from the government as they are already exploring further ways to extend the already proven profitability of tourism. With the recent swamping of Male’ by the arrival of tourists from a passenger liner, the industry leaders are agreed that there needs to be more to do to facilitate further arrivals by big ships in the future.