some Kihaavah pics..

Anantara Kihaavah is going to open somewhere at january 2011 if the resort’s website is to be believed. Till then here are some pics of the island from various sites.

rendered image of the island

Underwater wine cellar before being lowered into the lagoon
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signature restaurant
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kihavah spa
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Paths wind through pandanas jungle
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Sensible accomodation options.

As a general rule, there are two ways to construct staff buildings in resorts. The first and the mostly followed rule is just to construct a shed like structure which can house any form of living thing, be it cattle or human beings. The structure is designed with only one consideration in the mind, which is lessening the cost of the building and nothing else. The second way is to understand staff as an investment and design accommodation buildings accordingly. The second way is enthusiastically being taken up by new resorts by top brands such as Six senses Laamu which will be opening their first affordable resort for down market come next on-season which will start about October 2010. Resort islands being severely limited in land area, needs to come up with innovative approaches to tackle the issue of accommodation and one such innovative idea is to construct more floors per building than just constructing a one storied shed. With proper landscaping a 2 or 3 floor building can be concealed so as not to impose on the scenery of the island.

Some pics of staff accommodations being constructed in some new resorts

An unimpressive half finihshed junior staff accomodation block at Magudhuvaa resort.
Another unimaginative shed for senior/junior staff constructed at Uligamu resort
An unfinished work in progress of an accommodation block at Kihaavah Resort