Our protest at the massacre in Gaza

A rocket designer?
A rocket designer?

This is our protest at the on going massacre in Gaza where up to now more than 850 civilians are now known to have died. This is despite the world fully watching and aware of the problem and the great powers of the world fully supporting the aggressor. And even if a full blown massacre is not enough, the US congress felt the urgency to adopt a resolution “recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza” as if they have not used this so called right.
The reason for this on going massacre has very little to do with religion and much to do with land. Hamas is blamed for throwing rockets which is supposed to have started this war which is actually a form of protest if the numbers are weighed. Hamas is elected by popular vote and the only problem with Hamas is that they do not recognize the state of Israel. They have very good reason for that as Israel is the only country in the world which doesn’t have defined boarders to call their own. Israel has never defined their boarders and never accepted boarders assigned by UN after the Arab Israeli war of 1967. So Hamas is in a difficult position to accept a “country” which was created by force on Palestine which doesn’t have boarders.

As the war on Gaza continues there are reports of war crimes being committed by IDF which is nothing new and has never come to anything in the past because of the stubbornness of the USA in defending Israel no matter what. UN has called for an investigation into why more than 100, mostly women and children were corralled into a house by IDF and just 24 hours later that house was shelled repeatedly by IDF which left more than 30 people dead mostly children and women.

Our prayers are with the brave people of Gaza who have suffered so much under the watch of the world powers who are so blind to the atrocities of Israel, who quickly labels every fallen Gazan a rocket maker or a bomb thrower.

Here is a link showing the martyred baby on the fliers calling for demonstration in Male’ day before yesterday. His name is Iman Hijo.