IDP is no more…11 more to go.

Whatever the reasons maybe, the decision to disband IDP is a good one because IDP like most of our political parties is just another dysfunctional ‘thing’ public money shall be saved from.

Most of our political parties came to being from forgery by using people’s identities without their approval or knowledge. MDP, Adhaalth and IDP were perhaps the few parties which actually did not join this forgery drive. DRP would have no reason to use this method to gain members because DRP was in power at the time but DRP is said to have used all means legit and non legit to inflate their members list. However its still worrying that the government does not seem to be worried about these scam parties which gets lots of public money by law each year. The ideal solution now to bring about legitimacy to the parties would be to disband each party at a time and give a time frame for the parties to form and register with the Elections Commission with stricter mechanisms to verify membership.