>Distance from Male Airport (km) 70
>in Ari Atoll
>Size of island (m): 200×125
>Time of transfer seaplane (min.): 25
>Total room 6
>Number of rooms/island size (mq2) 4.166
>Resort category :5 *
>Telephone: +960 6660751
>Web site: http://www.dhoni-island.com
>E-mail address: reservations@blackgoldresorts.com

“owner” of the island: Adam Zahir (former police commissioner)

Dhonimigili is one of the most controversial islands as the island to all intents seems to be a gift of favor for a loyal police commissioner from the past regime. While almost all other resorts in the islands are won through competitive bids, this island is the exception. Questions are still being raised about this issue and it remains to be seen when these corrupt deals could be rectified.

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