Sherton Full Moon workers on strike over low service charge

Local workers of Sheraton have stopped work and are on strike citing service unbelievably low charge, discrimination against workers and nepotism. According to one worker in the island, the service charge has been around an unimpressive 600$ for most of the year including in the high season. This is in contrast to $2k and above in Kihaava Villas and other top resorts in the country. It’s strange that big brands like Sheraton could have got things so wrong in the middle of high season when everywhere resort workers are expected to earn substantial incomes. One worker opined that the resort feels immune from pressure because of the strong connections to the resort owners (Universal Group) with the ruling class.


7 thoughts on “Sherton Full Moon workers on strike over low service charge

  1. 600$ and you are still complaining? Think back a few years when you were happy to work for MRF 3,000 a month without this thing called “service charge”. Work more and harder, and there will be more service charge. Morons!

    1. 600 is peanuts in this period in most top Maldives resorts. Besides full moon is always above 90% full and one of the closest to airport, hence they can charge more from guests. if u are owed 2000 and getting 600 then would u not complain?

    2. Dont kill the goose that lays the golden eggs…If you want a higher service charge why dont you go & join t he resorts that are paying them…
      Everybody cannot be Bill Gates…
      Get down to doing your job & making your guests happy….

      1. Sheraton is included in the top 6. why they pay meager service charge is everyone’s guess. Do u know why Fesdhu s.c is high?

        1. Buddy, doesn’t bother me…if money is the only thing that i am looking for then i would look at joining W or One & Only…
          On a serious note…SC was introduced as an incentive for helping push the sales but if the sales are not going to happen then the service charge will never go up…in a way if there is low SCthen the staff also is to blame for the same…I have seen some of the staff joining having no intrest in learning how to delight a guest..not wantingto learn systems & processes ( only take breaks & smoke) …then at the end of the month look at SC & start crying…
          Old saying…grass is always greener on the other side….

  2. Hahaa..isn’t service charge as per the amount of revenues that is earned…it is not a dole..looks to me like you want to earn money without having to owork for it….grow up…
    A business always shares the profits when they do well …stop begging for tips, work for it…

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