Dusit Thani Maldives: heart to heart review by staff

Dusit Thani Maldives
Dusit Thani Maldives

One of the newest brands to Maldives, Dusit Thani Maldives is a popular resort according to many reviews in TripAdvisor. Among the many endearing terms used in the review these terms stand out. Helpful people, eco-friendly resort, top notch service, prestigious resort… After every review in TripAdvisor there appears a thanking little message by GM of the resort thanking for the review.
For lack of a similar service where staff can rate their employer, we had to ask about from our friends in the resort to give us an honest, heart to heart review of the resort, and what we got is not amusing at all. Here is one review by a trustworthy source about the resort:

The resort has recently decided to drastically cut down on benefits for staff and is currently in the process for terminating 60 local staff. That’s almost half of the total employees whose agreements will not be renewed. While most of the resorts goes to great lengths to keep their longer serving staff in the island, this looks like a departure from that trend. RNR (Rest and Relax 1 or 2 week extra paid leaves given to manager level persons) will be restricted only to a handful top managers. Around 70 local regular staff has been kept in limbo without permanent work agreements (used as casual workers; mostly this is the case for expatriate laborers in other resorts). Laundry, stewarding, gardening and landscaping, powerhouse, pest control, and public area cleaning services are going to be outsourced. Staff will not be able to plan their holidays or accumulate pending off days or lieu days for public holidays when going on annual vacation. This is allowed and hassle-free in most resorts. Most of the staff who worked in the pre-opening team are being terminated for flimsy and sometimes made-up reasons by their superiors who joined later. The resort Financial Controller is reported to have said that service charge for local staff shall be capped at 250$ per month irrespective of occupancy. Many local staff have been threatened with summary dismissal for minor reasons. There are only 3 locals in management level which is very low compared to other resorts. It seems the management is not willing to listen to any complaints or suggestions; and staffs have been dismissed for revealing these grievances in meetings with GM. Despite these negatives, the staff believe it has more to do with the individual temperaments of the managers themselves than company policy, which is making the resorts appeal less to local talent.

Our assessment: overall this is a good employer which has to do some serious housekeeping work to make sure from the management side, things are as it should be. Frequently what would happen is resorts are part of bigger chain of hotels and local management is assumed to be in order from corporate office if the monthly figures look ok. But there is always room for improvement and if half of those on the payroll are to be replaced in a year, then there indeed is cause for alarm. As for employing local workers wherever possible, this should be included in the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and followed through to execution especially considering the high level of unemployment in the host country and the potential for conflict which will ensue.


14 thoughts on “Dusit Thani Maldives: heart to heart review by staff

  1. I will share a story with you…
    My resort was a beautiful place to work but in the last couple of weeks there has been a rumble of discontent on a detailed analysis the following were my obeservations:
    a) some employees got better oppurtunities so they started bad mouthing the resort- they were very happy for the last one year, now they have a sudden change of heart…
    b) They start finding faults with everything that they used to like earlier- food , accomodation,game area…
    c) They start creating rifts between the expacts & the local staff..start instigating one against the other…
    We sign our contracts with our eyes open & are aware of the money that we will have a the end of the month , ifwe get a better oppurtunity then we should gracefully take it & not start bad mouthing the place where we work..that is ver bad & does not reflect good on our upbringing & not the values that have been taught to us…

  2. “Moldavians have nothing to do otherthan be a Fisherman” Sanjeev Sharma Dusit thani Maldives FC, then what the Hell your doing in Maldives,

  3. “The resort Financial Controller is reported to have said that service charge for local staff shall be capped at 250$ per month” : Indian FC, Sanjeev Sarma

  4. Dear GM
    plx ask mauroof ( Assistant HR Director) to translate below details as usual,
    alugandhakii ba atoll kudarikilu kujje, contract aa nukuraakan ingunee diutyga hutta gengoss maadhamaain fesigen agreement hamavefai kama bune edhuvahun duvaha alugandhu vani thiya resort in kandaa fonvaalaafa, 1month nots e vess nudhey, alugandhaki kuda aailaae balamundhaa xuvaanaka vefai libuni kuli sihume, vazeefa mihaa dhathi dhuvass varegai nots e nudhee kandaa fonuvaalumaki raajjeyge gaanunaai hilaaf kame, ehen kamun dusit a alugandha dhinni insaaniyathaa hilaaf aniyaae, ekamuge sababun aailaa asaa alugandha vani nafsaanigothun naani maaligothun ethake gelunthake vefa, alugandhakii furathama Dusit thani maldives a join kuri 5 meehunge terein ekaku, ehen vima alugandha mauloomaath libifaivaa gothun matheegai evani 100% sahha mauloomaath eii gina kan kamakii alugandhuge lolun feni athun hifai favaa kankan,

  5. Dear Blogger,

    While technology provides one with the opportunity to express views on any situation via “blogs”, accuracy and factual documentation of commentary is always of major concern. We thank you for bringing forward your opinion but we have to admit, there is an abundance of inaccuracies on statements and numbers leading to a complete misenterpentation of the reality.

    All numerical observations and comments are over inflated. Secondly, the motives you expressed are perhaps your personal perception.

    One needs to understand that when a business entity deals with contracted personnel, which has been the case when the time comes for renewals, we take into consideration many factors which include productivity levels, performance assessments and forward plans. Evaluation time of contracts is a global practice that provides the opportunity for both parties to appraise their situation. In line with this, we have had numerous cases of promotions to recognize our colleagues with exceptional output.

    Our resort has applied an open door policy to listen and review concerns from every single employee regardless their origin, local or non-local, and we use an absolutely non-biased approach. As far as CSR is concerned the resort and its management has gone in its first year of operation to the extent of allocating a 6-digit lumpsum to support this area .

    We always encourage dialogue and we would be very happy to take you through all the areas you have outlined that perhaps remain unclear.

    Yours sincerely,

    Desmond Hatton
    General Manager

        1. Disagree with the two of you…it does not happen this way…if u dont come to work or are preputally taking leave or falling sick then the company u work for will also take appropriate action…you clap with two hands & only then sound is produced…
          By adhering to disciple & working as a team helps one become successful…by maoning & graoning u acheive nothing…

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