Tourism ministry takes over Club Faru

Tourism ministry has take over Club Faru after the management has failed to handover the island to the ministry after their lease period is over. This island has been planned to be included with the Hulhumale in the second phase of Hulhumale development project. The arrangements were finalized in 2005 and a temporary license was issued to the island to operate since then, for each year. The owners of the island were also given another island as compensation for the island. At the time the ministry has taken over the island, there were 55 tourists and the ministry has announced that it will run the island in the interim period.


One thought on “Tourism ministry takes over Club Faru

  1. Hello, can you kindly let me know if the resort still operates? The reason why I’m asking is that I’ve made a booking for time 19-28.3. and last thing I want is to land on Male and have NO accomodation 😦 Especially when we will be on the way 22hours:( Please update me on this. Thank you!

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