Lets be a little more impatient with incompetence

Workers in resorts generally work hard and have very little time to update their social networking things like fb, twitter or blogger. But the same cannot be said about tourism ministry or any government institution for that matter. These huge mammoth offices are staffed by exceptionally high paid workers with innumerable benefits and yet the results are often very unimpressive. For example the tourism ministry’s home website’s link to statistics page seems to show that it hasn’t been updated for quite some time (since 2011)! The same goes true with the database they maintain about the resort islands.

Some more examples:

The telephone number for this giant business does not connect anyone to anywhere! Instead, a soft music is on the loop for infinity and god knows how many millions of Rufiyaas would have been wasted by people trying to dial STO through this number. But this is of course in the STO home page.

Maldives Post is another notorious place to call if you really need to ask somebody there about anything. The standard advice would be not to bother! They do reply but never ever on the first ring, or the second ring or the third ring. Or for that matter on the tenth ring! But they do reply, so that number is not technically a dead number.

To get directory assistance try this:

Dial 110, that would be Dhiraagu, perhaps the worse of the two telecom providers in Maldives. But the operator would respond almost at the first ring most of the time.

Next dial 120, that would be Wataniyya and then get ready to grind your teeth and simmer in anger! For a full half minute to 1 minute (or more) , they will put you in a looping audio advertisement which will make anybody who needs a number in a hurry uncomfortable, sad, helpless, angry and desperate till he/she no longer remembers the person or place they need to ask about the number of, when ultimately somebody will answer. This is of course coming from a company that ‘prides’ in customer service!

If you have had a problem with any service Dhiraagu provides, or would like to question any figure on the billed amount, chances are you will have to swallow your complaints and pay up and move on. It seems like that Dhiraagu employs operators like a firewall to insulate the mangers from the customers so that they can work in the beautiful offices uninterrupted. This is also coming from another company that also ‘prides’ in exceptional customer service… Customers actually shall not matter because Dhiraagu is still a monopoly so all the pretence about customer care is a farce!

A few thoughts to show the level incompetence we are surrounded with. But this is the kind of irresponsibility that shall not be condoned. This shall start with the people. We, the people (the 99%) shall start noticing these things. Instead of 24 hour unprofitable politics, we shall take people to task for things like this. We shall be a little more impatient with incompetence.


2 thoughts on “Lets be a little more impatient with incompetence

  1. In addition to your funny examples: I try to contact someone in the customs department to find out the tariff for printed advertising brochures. I have tried every single e-mail-address, to no avail. Many seem to be old, because you get error messages. Or you learn that the address “has permantly changed” to xyz and when you try that it is invalid as well. I tried the same with MTPB because maybe they could help me. Number of answers: ZERO. Quite frustrating and not really helpful. And yes, I wrote in english.
    Keep up your interesting work!

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