New closing hours for business; in Maldives and in Egypt


The new closing hours are actually older closing hours and Egypt and Maldives have different reasons for the time change. In the case of Maldives, the administration maintains this is a necessary measure to fight gang wars which has claimed several lives in the past few years. Reading by the comments in the Haveeru and Sun, it appears that the majority of the readers approve of the measure. It just goes on to show that people are willing to sacrifice some liberties to live in peace. Considering the size of Male’, the amount spent on armed forces, this shall not be an issue in Maldives. However urban development has not been matched by upgrades to criminal law etc which sees serious criminals getting away with ludicrous punishments. The issue MDP is raising about the current batch of judges who were secretly administered an oath of office and a life time job is also valid. It’s a big injustice to the profession and a disincentive to those who aspire to shine in that field.


 In the case of Egypt, this measure was to cut cost associated with state subsidized power. In all Middle Eastern countries power is subsidized by state and despite wealth of gas and oil, a substantial portion of the energy bill is consumed uneconomically. Its one reason all Middle Eastern countries want to upgrade to nuclear power. Another reason of course is development of nuclear weapons which is a good deterrent. A good examples is North Korea which will never be attacked whatever it does because they have proven nuclear weapons


3 thoughts on “New closing hours for business; in Maldives and in Egypt

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