Unemployment: The election non-issue



We are an amazing country. Our country has one of the biggest unemployment rates in the region and yet nobody seems to be worried about this!


Maldives 14.11
Srilanka 4.2
India 9.8
Bangladesh 5
Nepal 46 (maybe a statistical fluke?)
Pakistan 5.6
Bhutan 4



To add to the defects of our politicians, we shall add ignorance of this matter as well. Looking at the MDP political trial in Foa Mulah and Addu, its more like a boasting session than a political rally. Speaker after speaker spoke about the grandness of the SAARC convention building they built in their administration but it’s a much known fact that the convention building is a big white elephant which does nobody any good.


With all the under un-derservedness of Obama for the Nobel peace price {and the dark incoherent thoughts that goes on to award that shameful prize} Obama is taking credit for low unemployment figures in his campaign.  Dark incoherent thoughts were mentioned because very recently the EU was awarded the Nobel peace price for doing absolutely nothing against the underprivileged of the union. The 15 million Roma (gypsies) are still living in apartheid conditions in EU. Since our politicians see their enlarged images projected in Washington’s’ politicians, they aught to see this glaring defect in our nations economy as well!


The ruling coalition shall also not be spared of criticism. Since the murder of the Islamic scholar Dr. Afraasheem, they have made every opportunity they got to play with peoples emotions from the event and made pretty obvious injustices while honoring his memory. The only lesson we learned from this tragedy is that there is no logic in allowing anybody to decide his or her own salary and benefits. Currently only the MPs have this privilege, but to be fair, this privilege shall be extended to the president, the courts, the civil service, the resort workers and pretty much everyone who works or doesn’t!



4 thoughts on “Unemployment: The election non-issue

  1. Every time I take a walk on the roads of Male’, unemployment stares right at me. So many people with no care in the world hanging around every corner of the streets … smoking, loitering or just having carefree chats…
    the young with their dishevelled (unkempt) hair, some with Goth looks, some heavily decorated with tattoos or rings and chains …
    I wonder what they do. How they earn a living.
    Obviously they don’t work – but surely they get money from somewhere for their existence…
    Sometimes I can’t help think “the unfortunate kids unable to secure a job”
    But then at the same time … I can’t help think … “they might be unemployed by choice”
    There are quite a few people who get a handsome income by renting out their space in Male’
    In that sense, those people cannot be counted under the economical category of “unemployed”

    I guess the bottom line is that Maldivians are born and made to believe in making “easy money”
    Plenty of jobs around but nah… those jobs are for bangaalhees.

    And politicians are not doing any good to make the situation any better. They, with their handsome salaries doing no work, not even making the effort to even sit on their high and mighty chairs at the Majlis… not even making an effort to show their face …
    No wonder the young generation has no desire to work.

    And yes, I empathize with the dilemma with our learned scholar. But that does not mean his family has to be so handsomely paid for decades to come. An average Civil servant toils 5 days a week for over 8 hours a day and makes only about 5000 rufiyyaa while the kids and wife of the martyred is going to get triple that amount just like that.
    Under Islamic Shari’ah, there is a guardian for every person. The responsibility should not fall on the State… esp at such a handsome price. Anyways, that’s just a rant.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!
      would also like to add that it would be a great sin to squander public money like that, but the honorable ignorants doesn’t seem to know this!

  2. unfortunately the author seems to be little minded at least at describing the ECC as “a big white elephant which does nobody any good”. well 30 long years was wasted by for Maldives and the people. A building itself don’t bring development, but infrastructure building is a most important requirement for a development to progress. without solid foundation a building never emerges. one plus one is not six neither seven. one plus one is two!

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