Former President Nasheed (Anni) Arrested

Probably its going to be one of the biggest political blunders the current administration is going to take.

The arrest of Anni would galvanize MDP’s support and win sympathy for the party. Although the arrest might be legal in some form or fashion, the attitude of courts to show their prowess will ultimately backfire on them. It seems we are still in elementary stages of political thought. The idea of playing the political game with finesse has not been grasped. Anni already has made a good image of him abroad as a champion of freedom and democracy (which all politicians try do to some extent) and with this latest arrest he will win more sympathy and will be able to unite the party’s thought. More or less Anni was a good/bad president whose liberal thought was tested to the limit by various politicians which ultimately brought on his demise. However with obvious blunders like this it’s very likely he will reclaim the position of the president in the next election.


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