Eid Mubarak: May everyone has a blessed Eid.



It’s that time of the year when the resort workers love to be with the families, to enjoy a little bit of communal fun in the eid festival. Traditionally eid (the smaller eid, {eid al fitr}) starts with the eid prayer in the island mosque which will be followed by visiting the houses for a snack. It’s perfectly acceptable in eid to visit houses of complete strangers and demand a ‘tea’! Nobody will be rejected in eid and everybody becomes everybody’s best friend for a day.



Writing prose with a little bit of sweetener is normal for blog writers and historians alike, but in a small close knit island its pretty much the reality. People generally leave aside years of animosity and become friends for a day! But the day will be compact; no sooner does the people enjoy their invited or uninvited teas and snacks people will pelt each other with water bags! It used to be plain water in small plastic bags and basically no one can escape the water war! Even the village chief or Katheeb cannot escape despite his revered eminence! It’s a whole day of fun with the islands in a riot. The riot will continue to the noon with various games such as “mandi”, “hiru”, tug of war, football, volleyball and anything that can be played. The fun and games will continue till the evening, with nowadays stage shows being the norm. The show will most likely be presented by the village youngsters in the village school.

People in Male’ are more detached and live the city life, but in the last years more people make it a point of spending the eid with relatives or friends in islands to enjoy the carnival atmosphere.