Begging youth


Like the tsunami of 94, it was a complete shock to see young people (female and males) begging on the streets of Male’, but its happening now. Increasingly we have desperate unemployed youth who are begging for money in the streets of Male’. Sometimes they will ask for 10 Rufiya and be gone with a smile when given. It started with the ‘paateys’ (drug addicts) who would ask for 100 or 50, but now the ceiling is lowered; real desperation is driving otherwise ‘nice’ youth to begging in the streets.

What was done about it:

The government with usual short sightedness introduced a ‘Hunaru’ (skills) program in 2011, supposedly to get more employment to youth. Here is the summary of what happened.

Cost of the program: 43,000,000

Number of youth who joined: 108

Number of youth who completed the courses: 10

Number of youth who got employed: 3

Another problem

The numbers tell the original idea is a flop. A belly flop at that! What we need is not another round of training for simple every day jobs. We need is legislation to make it easy for locals to find jobs especially in resorts. Resorts are not in politics, so it’s unlikely that they will change any thing and start hiring more locals. Currently the only areas of employment expatriate visas cannot be obtained are:

  1. Working as fishermen
  2. As taxi drivers
  3. As boat captains
  4. As marine engineers
  5. As co-pilots and pilots

This list shows the incoherent rationale that makes laws and regulations in this country. We would have at most, less than a dozen pilots or co pilots in the whole country and yet there is a provision in regulation to protect their prospect of jobs, while thousands of youth who are begging in the street have no such advantage.



5 thoughts on “Begging youth

  1. a) IF you disagree with young people who don’t work : look at (grand)parents who provide them with all they need not to work : accommodation, food, mobile, smoke, bike … though working (and money) as such do not contribute that much to a happy/better/good/satisfying life
    b) More than that : look at the educational system – where it’s almost ‘natural’ to quit school at 16 around (O-level)) instead of at least finishing A-level. Get qualified skilled teachers for our youth. Make education interesting instead, offers perspectives after studying. Support continued studies in better places than neighbouring countries …
    c) Develop adequate vocational training’s for youngsters who could / did not finish A-level – and organise in such a way that higher education is not only provided in too expensive Male’.
    Unfortunately, still too many people and politicians want to keep our people uneducated backward, because of simpler to rule …

  2. Wrong wrong! you guys think Maldives have only lazy ones and none so bright? But this is lazy stereotyping. There are companies which are almost 100% locally run and managed, efficient and pro. Like Dhiraagu, BML etc. Sure, nobody can be 100% anything. Everyone has mistakes, but blaming a whole country as lazy and uneducated or unskilled is a very uninformed perspective on the issue.

  3. First of all these maldivian lazy guys come forward to work hard like other country men. These lazy guys will come to the office at 11 am ( Office time 7.30). No one can ask them. With in ten minits they will go out for tea and cigrets. If they are sitting in the seat the mobile will be always in their ear. How can they come forward in their life. How can they develop their country? .. so the basic need is eradication of lazyness…

  4. As a european looking for a job in Maldivian resorts, everyday I see job ads for base line employees asking for Maldivian candidates only. I don’t think in todays economic situation the resort will be willing to shell out expatriate salaries and benefit packages for jobs like receptionist, reservations agent, valets, butlers… I agree with Resort Guy, it takes a skilled and educated person to work in a luxury resort. It looks to me like the government does need to have education programs in place but judging from your research, it needs to make sure there is a follow up to make sure that help gets to the right people and there is some level of accountability.

  5. I am just wondering if any resort would employee such “begging youth” just to support them. Resorts are businesses which need certain types of people with regard to skills and discipline. Who will have such a time and energy to put these youth on track..!!??

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