Mayday at Maldives, the drudgery continues…

Isn’t it ironic that most resorts in Maldives still do not recognize May 1 as a public holiday despite Mayday being officially declared a public holiday in 2011 by then president Nasheed? It shall be more so, considering the fact that this affects tourism workers who are by far the most productive workers and the most deserving of a Mayday break from workplace. However stubbornness have it, that its always the unproductive, demoralized, polarized civil workers who gets all the benefits while the resort workers toil hard, unloved and uncared for. This is not to belittle the civil workers,  but to emphasize a massive wrong doing done to resort workers which nobody seems to notice. On the issue of Mayday, it is indeed past time that we seem to come to a conclusion about which is a public holiday, which is a govt. holiday, a bank holiday, or a religious holiday or whatever. Currently the resort HR’s are still sticking to an outdated portion of the hard-fought-and-almost-lost-cause-called-labour-rights-bill which has a section for “miscellaneous matters” where it  says:

“public holiday” shall mean Fridays, Day of Commemoration of the Birth of Prophet Mohamed, Day of Commemoration of the Maldives converting to Islam, Independence Day, National Day, First Day of Ramazan, Day of Eid‐ul‐Fitr, Victory Day, Republic Day, Hajj Day and Day of Eid‐ul‐Ad’ha;”




3 thoughts on “Mayday at Maldives, the drudgery continues…

  1. certainly, the resorts cannot stop altogether to give its employees the mayday holiday. BUT the resorts can compensate the workers with the “holiday allowance” or whatever is in place to compensate for the workers having to to work on other public holidays like Friday, Eid etc etc.
    The labor law not being ratified in lieu of the new public holiday is something that needs to be modified by the the parliament. I think it’s very stupid to list out all public holidays in a Bill. It should simply include an all encompassing statement to cover all public holidays …
    You guys totally deserve the MayDay holiday … keep fighting for it …

  2. whoever wrote the first comment does not seem to ‘get’ the point. The point is that although this MayDay was declared a public holiday by Anni, it was never fully ratified by employers. So this is like employers do not taking an executive decree seriously. Anni may be wrong in everything, but he did somethings right, which he shall be credited for.

  3. Mate are you high or something? A country cannot afford to stop everything and enjoy a holiday. Think of the lost revenue both for government and the operators. If your so concerned about holidays just switch your carrier and move to civil service then i guess you can enjoy the benefits of these holidays. People who go to these jobs are people who want to sacrifice these holidays and are hardworking. Its stupid people like you who are bad to this country we need to get rid of dirt like you

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