Playing with Aasandha

What is the unsaid thing about Aasandha (national health insurance)? It shall be a worthwhile question to ask friends in cafes at coffee time, guaranteed to spark fierce debate. Although many answers have already been given in the media by various personalities, the unsaid still remains and it could be something like:

“Touch it and you fry!…”

To put the merits of being a baaghee (a rebel) or belonging to the irreligious party aside, Aasandha is one sure thing which everybody will unite in defending. However the current batch of politicians are doing the same mistake their predecessors did. They are ignoring the warnings and slowly reaching for the red button!

Q: So where is the green button?

A: That button is unfortunately not there any more!

Q: But can one hold of reaching for the red one?

A: Definitely…

Q: Is that not procrastination? Sitting over the problem?

A: Yes, to a certain extent…

Q: So what’s the plan?

A: The plan is to reduce the margins, to cut the excess, to stop acting like rich etc.

Q: Wha da h__l ya mean?

A: Simple pal! All the clinics are demanding to be included in the Aasandha program, which means they believe they will make profit by being included in the program, which means margin. Margin in here means anything over double digits! ADK hasn’t gone bankrupt since joining to Aasandha, in fact they are busy developing a resort somewhere in Haa dhaalu atoll. To cut excess, we can use local experts to manage places like IGMH if the foreign guys are demanding bigger salaries than the president himself.

Q: What else?

A: The Enemies of Maldives, (sorry… forgive the typo!) Friends of Maldives can call off their silly campaign to boycott our country and be a little bit useful by actually trying to promote our country to beguiled westerners.

Q: Hey! Cool it off man! Ya expect us to reward the baaghees?

A: Ha ha ha! There were no baaghees (coup), just politics.. Get over it! Remember this. A good politician is like a good resort worker. He works hard to get his job, he works hard in his job and he works hard against his employer (in the labor tribunal) if he was fired from the resort. So whatever Anni is, he deserves credit for being hard worker. The rest is politics.


2 thoughts on “Playing with Aasandha

  1. The young man with the wispy moustache and the stick thin woman seemed to specialize
    in turns. Modcloth’s Going Places Heel comes in a bright, cheery velveteen red, with scalloping along the foot and a lower heel. “Nine o’clock” her sunny little clock blinked at her.

  2. the rest is politics… like that. its high time we all realize there is no right side in politics. they all are the same. its always the side which gives most giveaways to the people that need our votes.

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