The lies, half truths and blatant propaganda.

We are truly living in interesting times now. Currently we are going through a phase of contradictions and it will be interesting to see where we emerge after this. Lets enumerate some current realities.

  • We have a divisive president superseded by a low key one.
  • A government which doesn’t have anyone to represent them in parliament.
  • We have extremely polarized media who don’t even pretend to be neutral.
  • We have the vanquished government, refusing to establish the ‘mutiny’ or ‘coup’ in any court of law.
  • We also have a courageous position by the incumbent president who publicly stated that he will stand down and handover the presidency to the former president if the ‘coup’ is established as fact.
  • We have an unplacated opposition (MDP) who haven’t given a thought to play within the system.
  • We also have a call to boycott all the good things in life… Like Lavazza, RedBull, Marlboro etc. All in the name of pressuring the current government.
  • We also have a dysfunctional parliament which is wasting millions of public money to continue with the farce.
  • And then of course we have the FRIENDS OF MALDIVES, who are again calling for boycott of our resorts. (With such good friends like that, who needs enemies? J)

All these positions are maintained by half truths, lies and blatant propaganda. This is about justifying the ends not the means to achieve the objectives. In this struggle of self interests, all is fair and right. But should that be the case? Can’t somebody advocate outright honesty?


6 thoughts on “The lies, half truths and blatant propaganda.

  1. Ayya kalae konche thi kiyanee? Why shall US do such a thing? Compared to US, Maldives is still 200% safer for every one.

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