Sevan Brasil Stops at Maldives on Its Way to Brazil

Viola! A giant drilling machine floating near Thilafushi on its way to Brazil! Our MNDF shall give an escort to this vessel because of the risk of piracy.

Here is the story at:

The rig, of not so typical, cylindrical design, is on its way to Brazil where it will start work for the South American country’s oil and gas giant, Petrobras.

Sevan Brasil began its long journey from China in the first week of March, when it was boarded on the Mighty Servant heavy lift vessel, operated by a Dutch heavy lift specialist, Dockwise.

The rig, owned by Sevan Drilling ASA, an international drilling contractor specializing in the ultra deepwater (UDW) segment, has been chartered by Petrobras under a six year contract.

It is expected that the rig, built by China’s COSCO (Nantong) Shipyard, will arrive in Brazil in the first half of April, 2012.

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