What will happen tomorrow?

It appears that we are heading to another political showdown tomorrow as the opposition party claims it will do all it can to block Dr. Waheed from giving his presidential address. The military and police have also announced that they will block 15 sensitive areas from Male’ in time for the address. These are hardly news that the world expects from the this peaceful holiday maker’s country. But who is calling the shots and why? Is there logic behind the ‘decisions’?

If there are reasons they clearly are  obscure and it might involve some deep thinking to find it out. So let’s give it a try.

[Disclaimer: the following sequences of events is for imagination only]

  1. 09:30 local time. Resortworkers team manages to secretly insert a camera to parliament chambers to record the happenings inside. 🙂
  2. 10:00 Dr Waheed arrives in parliament in the official black car with first lady and hundreds of armed guards.
  1. 10:05 The parliament speaker announces the day’s agenda and introduces the president.
  2. 10:20 Dr. Waheed starts “Bismillah…(In the name of Allah)…” [and then all hell broke loose… parliamentarians start making noise, throws furniture at each other, yells and shouts obscenities…]
  3. 10:47 Dr. Waheed tries to continue… but ultimately too tired and frustrated, he steps down from the podium and takes a seat near the speaker of the parliament.
  4. 10:53 The parliament speaker names a few members of MDP to be evicted from the parliament chambers… [some parliamentarians are now indistinguishable from street hooligans… some even shirtless and most engaged in real physical violence against opponents!]
  5. 11:03 In other places around Male’ a few arson attacks were started by unknown assailants at the same time as the presidential address was going on and fire lorries were seen rushing to scenes of carnage!
  6. 11:07 Resortworkers team manages to hack in to the servers of local media stations (Dhi TV, Raaje TV, TVM, Haveeru, Aafathis… [with Anonymous’ help] of course!) and quickly discovers what is already known: That other than Raaje TV and Minivan News, all other media outlets are trying to downplay the situation while the above two media outlets are deliberately misleading the public by exaggerating the events unfolding in Male’.
  7. 11:37 The southern most atolls Addu, Foa Mulah and Huvadhoo declares independence from Maldives and names Dr. Didi (MDP chairperson) as the president. Kulhudhuffushi island council is said to be in talks with Indian high commission to join the Indian federation!
  8. 11:42 Dr. Waheed announces abolition of parliament to the cheers of Srilankan high commissioner and the Chinese envoy. [dunno why! 😦 ]
  9. 12:03 BBC announces that US 7th fleet is headed towards Maldives (from wherever it was based!) with a fearsome armada of ships, destroyers, submarines and at-least two aircraft carriers! [getting scary now!]
  10. 12:59 CNN reporting that a platoon of crack-commandos descended on the parliament house in broad daylight, overpowered the security forces and snatched Dr. Waheed and first lady and escaped via a radar-evading helicopter to…. somewhere…
  11. Resortworkers team signs off after a momentous day in history!

3 thoughts on “What will happen tomorrow?

  1. lol…. I lost control of my erupting laughter at number 7 🙂
    number 8 is crazy 🙂

    glad to have something to laugh about, on this scary, dirty, and just down trodden day. what a farce this whole thing is. Dr Waheed should resign. He obviously does not have a popular vote. the public on the road should mean something …

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