So, was it a coup or not?

military person looking at the remnants of his base

The recent change of administration in the country raises a lot of interesting questions. Already the vanquished MDP party has determined that the former president Anni was unseated by a military (or a civilian?) coup. The opposition claims otherwise. So who is telling the truth and who is lying? Or could it be that this situation has also joined the philosophical realm where both truth and falsehood are somehow intertwined?

So we leave our friends and fellow resort workers to answer these questions below. If they are pro MDP then they may answer the “If so” questions. The rest may answer the “If not” questions…

If so

  1. Who are the coup leaders? A few private police boys cannot hide after doing such a big thing.
  2. What were the motivation? Over work? Fatigue? Could be because there has been almost constant nightly demonstrations  prior to the fateful day.
  3. Are the police and military same minded? Remember, there is only HQ for all our forces.
  4. There are allegations that police and military were bribed. But they are also highly paid, so who would have financed the big bribery campaign? How much could be the tipping point for a serviceman/woman? We understand that the average monthly salary of our armed forces personnel is higher than 1000$ per month.
  5. Why did it took a huge MDP congress meeting to realize that it was a coup?
  6. Why did the MDP congress hastily pass a resolution to block the line of communication with the current administration and called it illegitimate?
  7. Why did the police allow massive damage to their facilities in the islands? We understand that more than 9 regional police and military facilities were torched by angry MDP mobs. More than 30  police and military vehicles have also been torched in Addu alone, most of them have only recently been donated by China for the SAARC summit.
  8. Did the command structure broke down after the coup? Does that happen after the military  win? After they win why did they gave command again to an unpopular president and an even more unpopular and ineffectual opposition coalition?

if not

  1. Why did the police use excessive force to breakup the first strike after Anni was unseated?
  2. Why did they (who?) changed the official TV channel (MNBC1) to its former name (TVM)?
  3. Why did they hastily gave ownership of all government media to opposition media regulatory body MBC?
  4. Why did the criminal court issue an arrest warrant for former president Mohamed Nasheed (Anni)?
  5. Why is the parliament (still on vacation) uncharacteristically quiet when these massive developments happen? MDP has the majority even in the parliament now  and yet they seem to unable to cut their all important holiday short– when the country is literally burning.

Any questions?


7 thoughts on “So, was it a coup or not?

  1. Argument for YES.
    The leaders cannot be within either or police. The only capable people who are capable of pulling something like this off successfully financially and tactically will have to be a joint venture between Yamin and Qasim. But then it is no secret that these two have no love lost between them, but your enemy is my enemy may just be enough if there is enough enmity for a truce to carry out a project as big as getting a government back .
    No, the Police and MNDF are quite different both in training and attitude. They do not stay or operate from the same HQ after the “blue” police came out. As for bribing individual police officers, it has to be at least a hundred who first came out, this is not likely. The money trail is not too difficult to follow when so many are involved.
    Even though the President says he could not discuss with his party officials he did have some MPs and the Defence Minister with him. If the army had removed his phone, cut off his communication the others can still pass the message to their supporters. The fires and vandalism carried out on the 8th were co ordinate and organised. For the public to carry out something like this spontaneously it requires an uncontrollable level of anger. There was nothing which can lead to that level in the islands. The only people who have the capacity to do it are MDP Militants. It is already being revealed that council members were involved, maybe not so much as setting fire themselves. We have to wait and see. The command did not break down, the Police and Army simply did not have the resources to handle multiple fires. Your last question proves that the Military was not involved, if they had, they would just declare martial law and all Judiciary, Parliament, and Executive can be sacked and reappointed or re elected. This would indeed have been the ideal solution, but there will be immense pressure internationally.
    IF NOT.
    For almost 3 weeks the Police has been out on the streets, confronting protesters demanding for Abla Gazi release. While there were few minor scuffles, and banging on the shields I never heard or read about a police officer being deliberately attached physically with a weapon in these protests. Around the world, this is one thing which leads to Police losing their otherwise strict disciple. They are trained and work as one family and an attack on one is considered as an attack on all. I am not saying this is the correct way, but for an unarmed civilian force, this is one of their the ways of preventing attacks on Police officers.
    On 7th February Morning MDP militants attacked police with knives and sticks. Many were injured from the Police. Maria and Eva were allegedly involved in this, I am not sure about this but they were definitely there. Sun Reporter Mundoo Adam reported that knives were used the MDP activists or militants whatever the correct word should be.
    On 8th afternoon, on the way from Dharubaaruge to Jumhooree Maidhaan the Galolhu Police station was attacked. By the time they reached MMA, the Police did not even warn when they fired the first tear gas, something they have never done before. The Polcie may already have decided these were not peaceful protesters but gangsters, due to the attacks on the previous day and basically from then on they were not acting as police officers but a more dangerous group out for revenge.
    I can’t understand what relevance the name change would have to them. The MBC does not the Opposition or Government. It is the PSB as per Law and Nasheed’s Government had not enforced that Law.
    Well as for Parliament, they are doing their job  It is to sleep and do nothing while this coutry goes to dog!
    Hope I will pass.

  2. This can be argued both ways … A pro MDP person will without doubt see it as a coup.
    An anti MDP person will NEVER believe anything wrong happened there … they will only believe that Nasheed got what he deserved.
    But let me say that I am not MDP. I am very anti Maumoon (I have my respect for him for the work he did, but craving power even after that and putting firewood on reform agendas just got me on the wrong side of his coin).

    So yes, that’s what I am: not MDP but Anti Maumoon, anti Umar Naseer, Anti Yamyn, barely can stand Gasim, barely can stand Jameel, Hassan Seed just rubs things the wrong way, I had my respects for Dr Waheed …

    So, given that that is where I stand with politics, and on what has been evolving in our nation for the 3 years of Nasheed government, through dollar rage, through taxes on businesses and services, through Civil service working hours, through Parole system, through the monument fiasco, through the 23 Dec rally in the name of religion … AND based on the videos and photos and bias journalism that I have seen non-stop in the last 25 or so days, I believe without a doubt in my mind that this is a COUP.

    But having said that, Nasheed’s composed demeanour and live video recording of his resignation can be used by the bull-headed opposition to mean that he resigned on his own. But even the dim witted people of this nation understands that he had no choice against the force of police/MNDF … pathetic nation 😀

    And you know what … you have put up great questions. debatable… and I think that will make a great PhD thesis … I hope someone tries to answer those questions vigorously structured under an unbiased methodological approach 🙂

  3. You must be absolutely crazy. The civilized part of the world are deeply shocked to see the young democracy destroyed in the Maldives.

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