Ayada on strike… this time its about drinking water!

To be fair to all sides we have decided to dwell on 3 points to the story in question.

  • Drinking water is without exception always produced in all resorts of the country. Its a costly and highly technical exercise to construct the water treatment facilities in an island and inevitably there will be hitches in such an operation. This especially so in islands far away from Male’ where spares and experts are difficult to get. Even in fully developed and operating resorts close to Male, its not uncommon to buy boat loads of water from Male’ in bulk when treatment plants break down or holding tanks burst.

water treatment facility

  • Its a fact of resort life that people have ambitions and desire to move up the ladder because ultimately we all work in resorts to earn, and to earn more you climb higher. In this train of thought, its not uncommon for workers to treat unduly preferentially to their superiors to win their favour which is where the message in the bottle comes!water bottle marked for Gm The water bottles depicted here have been labeled apparently by someone for his or her boss which was taken as a cynical and insensitive gesture by the now thirsty workers.
  • Although the majority of resort owners and managers today belongs to a generation prior to social networks, most young resort workers of today are well versed in social networking and use them as part of daily life. But facebook is not a friend of every organization. In fact there are many cases of workers being dismissed for posting their views on facebook and this time Ayada was no exception. Although resort workers are generally expected to be responsible and capable of checking themselves from negative publicity to their resort, there is a limit to people’s endurance. It is understood that the water shortage problem in Ayada has been going on for quite some time and that workers do frequently have to buy bottled water (which is needless to say, expensive) even to take a shower before to going to work. Ayada strike or rather sit-in ayadha striking workerswas started because of the management’s decision to terminate some of the workers who participated in their closed face-book group which discussed these issues in not very diplomatic terms.

In closing, we believe Ayada was wrong and highly inconsiderate in dismissing staff for airing their thoughts in a CLOSED facebook group among themselves. We also understood that the staff have turned down most offers of mediation by local councils and politicians which shows that they are protective of their resort’s image despite the raw deal they got. It is our hope that Ayadha takes back the workers and works to contain the situation which will work to everyones benefit.

Ps: The story doesn’t end here..
Apparently the protesting staff were removed from the island by police under handcuffs. So much for the rights of workers!
ayada water strike worker removed from island


5 thoughts on “Ayada on strike… this time its about drinking water!

  1. OMG! the strike is all about drinking water?!? (FYI, only the locals were the only one having this so-called strike. And the expats are still working their ass off just to give the full service that the guest needed. When in truth they are the one spending a lot of money, so that the people who works in ayada will be paid for a job deservedly done.). I thought the issue at hand was the demands made by the locals were not met when they wanted to talk to the owner. As an observer of this unCivilized strike, I found out that these complainants were the same people who worked lazily while having their tea break almost one a half hour during duty time. We’ll not all of them are really that disrespectful and rude. Some of the locals that I know who didn’t go with the strike were the most PROFESSIONAL people that should be given at least an appreciation for a job well done. And the photo posted with a post-it where the name of the owner is written was posted out of complete lie in context. It is very common to put a post-it or markings of either a guest name or a staff name written on things that is open to the public especially if it is inside a refrigerator used by so many people, to prevent others from taking it. It’s business as usual in Ayada.

    1. Whole heartedly agree with you…it is just the lazy ones who bring disrepute to the whole industry. Dont they realize that if guests stop coming to Maldives because of poor service that will be the end of employment in the resorts..

  2. lI ike the poisitive note this post ends with.
    I also hope things work out and the management re consider and the fired people to also embrace it good heartedly.

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