Who got an off day for the happy newyear?

An interesting cartoon by our staff cartoon artist

Resort workers work hard during December and January in full occupancy, with Christmas and new year celebrations, while govt workers lazily while the time. However resort workers do not even get an off-day for the happy new year. The government worker gets January 1  as a public holiday which is  very unfair.

Most HR’s make a point of being ungenerous to staff when it comes to benefits to staff because it is generally perceived that the more aggressive and uncaring one is, the more easier he or she climbs another rung in the corporate ladder. This medieval mentality still persists in the best resorts in Maldives and it is no use to point out inconsistencies like this to HR robots.

For now it seems  only the force of law or threat of protests will prompt the uncaring employers to think that something is amiss in their interpretation of the public holiday list. To be prompted to be generous is one thing, being  generous is another.


7 thoughts on “Who got an off day for the happy newyear?

  1. It is with great sadness I drop my comments, as it seems that the drawing and the message passed directly conflicts with Maldivian employment law and regulations.

    First I want point out that 1st January is not a public holiday, it is a Government holiday, which resort workers are not entitled to have as per our employment act and regulations.

    Second point is resort workers are not entitle to have 1st January as lieu day as it is a working day for them.

    Third point is resort to resort their policies may differ as they have given full rights to make their own policies which does not conflict Maldives employment act.

    Fourth point is respect every and each human being, “HR Robots” it is with great sadness i see you do not respect human beings. They might not be expecting you to like them but respect them.

    Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?

    Best Regards

    1. thanks for visiting our blog and sharing your views Jaidh. We really appreciate your views. We also seems to agree on our grievances.. as for the robotics involved in our story, we have been careful not to be particular. So we shouldn’t have a conflict there.. anyways..

      thanks a lot for sharing your views! please visit our blog again..

      resortworkers team

  2. i don’t totally disagree. but as ismail pointed out resort workers get other benefits. the poor government workers like me is not any better than you.
    yeah sure we get the new year holiday and such. but you guys get compensated for those days with other OFFs right? and then your salary package is much larger than ours. and your other benefits are greater.
    if you are really unhappy maybe you should switch to a government job. but you will find out sooner or later than the green is not greener on our side either.

    but yes, proper compensation should be granted without you guys having to promot.
    i absolutely loved the cartoons

    1. thanks for the kind comment!
      unfortunately most resorts do not even give another off-day in lieu of a jan 1 public holiday. As for the salary and benefits package, very few resorts give decent salaries and service charges. But as you said there are advantages and disadvantages to each position. What we hope to raise is the point that there is no consistency in these interpretations of public holiday lists. For eg some resorts do consider eid-meelad as a ph while other resorts do not. There is also the mute point about what happens when a public holiday falls on a Friday etc. In some resorts in such a situation one off-day simply cancels out while other resorts allow a day in lieu..

      Anyways thanks for sharing your views and we will tell our cartoon artist your appreciation of the pic.. 🙂

  3. I tend to disagree your logic up there, we chose this field knowingly what is in for us. We make people feel special, so we can’t take day off on Christmas and in new year, our business is to run the hotel. Comparing us with government is lame, they don’t get service charge, R&R and the tips we get.

    It’s totally two different fields, why don’t we compare us with army in Iraq? It’s job that often people pay with limbs and sometime with own lives. Why not miners? Or perhaps oil rig engineers? They work far harder, longer in more challenging environment than we do
    For months without a break.

    One should know where he or she is getting into, we got into tourism and we work when the rest of the world takes leave. That’s why we are proud beacuse we make people feel special.

    1. Thanks for your comment! we are really glad to be able to interact with fellow workers and to share views.

      what was implied is that resort workers should be entitled to an off day which can be taken later or be paid as an extra day or such.

      Thanks again, feel free to drop in and share your views with us.
      Resortworkers team

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