What is so indigeneous about it?

artificial island

Most resorts would love to develop their own style of everything to identify their uniqueness among the crowded uniformity as a selling point to the guests. To prove their point of uniqueness they go to great lengths, sometimes extending the very core values they try to preach. Basically the marketing crew will do anything to develop the unique signature of resort as their work progresses. So its a constant evolvement of ideas and practices which makes up the story of a typical resort.
However there are the atypical bunch to prove the opposite!There are some resorts which are year around booked whole time with repeater guests sometimes more than 3 months in advance. Mostly these would be club style small resorts whose guests fell in love with the resort because of its unpretentiousness. These resorts indeed do not have a long narrative about their philosophy, core values and bla bla and sell the real deal to the guests without the proverbial ado. That is the guest would know what to expect and is generally gets better value for their money.

Resorts run by big brands know that they would need to keep their clients in a  bubble so that they can charge higher rates for their stay. So basically a lot of things are invented to keep the guest in the imaginary state! For example a resort may need to create an artificial greeting in the local language just to impress the guest with their ‘groundedness’! Guests sometimes cringe uncomfortably in self-consciousness when staff pour rose petals practically at their feet as they walk the pier to reception on their arrival. Guests would duly be told and expected to understand that this is local culture while its in fact nothing of the sort. Arrival fanfare is another exercise which is duly forged to impress guests with the originality of the resort. While its true that there was a local tradition to beat drums to welcome dignitaries and elders from neighboring islands, such drums would generally be lively and not solemn at all.

Its the irony of resort life that you have to create dis-ingenuity to make  money and keep the guests in an imaginary bubble, preach to the staff about how moral our resort is and how unpretentious we aught to be etc.

3 thoughts on “What is so indigeneous about it?

  1. The difference between making an effort to integrate such elements of culture and inventing them is the issue and its a big one!

  2. A large segment of visitors do take a great interest in the culture of the places they visit which is why the resorts try to cater to this. I think it is great that as people travel they get a deeper appreciation of and connection to cultures different to theirs.

    Of course, resort life is nothing like the daily life of a Maldivian…or a Mexican, or a Hawaiian for that matter. Still, locally inspired touches are appreciated.

    I hear you how many resorts ‘get it wrong’. Are there any resorts that you think ‘get it particularly right’ and do a good job of integrating some of the distinctive and colourful elements of Maldivian culture and tradition into their resort?


  3. The Maldives lost 90 percent to 93 percent of its corals during the last major bleaching event back in 1998 and there have been several mild bleaching events since than, and the coral have gradually recovered to a fraction of what they were 15 years ago. Another big event in inevitable, but it is too late for it to happen this year.
    The sea surface temperatures are high enough to cause another serious bleaching even for coral reefs in the Caribbean-Oceania and Indian Ocean

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