Fighting Terror in Paradise.. Really?

Fighting with terrorists in paradise must be a complicated thing because as a general rule, terrorists and paradise shall not mix: terrorists are destined not for paradise but for hell.
Coming across a piece of bad journalism on these same lines, we felt the need to comment on the story as the essay tries to give the impression that our beautiful islands are in danger of being occupied by terrorists- which needless to say is solid fantasy.

First of all, the essay printed in doesn’t seem to have been prompted by any new development in the tourism sector in the Maldives or anywhere else in the country. The essay simply revises some old news from 2007 to match the words to the heading of the story. The heading of the story contains the desired wordings to attract the most amount of traffic from search engines which is the goal of all news outlets. But just coming out of the blue and saying Maldives is fighting terror in paradise for no other reason than making a sensational story, is the culminating point of bad journalism! Nobody can beat this!

However the circumstances of our time is such that fantasy and drama sells and truth can always take a backstage. 😦


One thought on “Fighting Terror in Paradise.. Really?

  1. Maldives sure is not “terrorist country”. Some issues of the last months may cause irritations however in western countries:

    Looking on things like “Israeli eye surgeons visiting Maldives to “illegally harvest organs”, claims Islamic Foundation” (November10, 2010 here:

    or in the last weeks:

    “Adhaalath Party threatens protests if Israeli flights allowed to operate in the Maldives”
    (June 8, 2011 here:

    I fully agree to your closing sentence – “However the circumstances of our time is such that fantasy and drama sells and truth can always take a backstage.” – but one should not create unnecessary problems caused by some peoples “archaic” actions and thoughts. Especially when there is no (published) outcry of the “modern” and less stubborn parts of the countries people.

    Remember: Getting a bad reputation is easy – getting rid of such however may take long time.

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