Dropping out of the new 7 wonders scam!

Its wonderful news that the Tourism Ministry wakes up to reality and is dropping out of the fake marketing scam thats called new 7 wonders of whatever it is! Maldives is beautiful as it is. The country has a booming tourism industry and can do very well without fake marketing by fine-tuning the tourism industry; bringing progressive changes, innovating good practices, caring for the industry workers etc etc. The primary purpose of these ‘precious’ marketing schemes is to generate cash for themselves and is bewildering how mature brains can fall for frauds like this. The energy that went to get the country ‘voted’ to poll position clearly shows the enthusiasm that went to believe in the hoax in the first place. Departing guests were made to vote on-line at the airport in support raising of our ranking in the scheme. School students, civil service workers, common folks all voted like mad to give the country a poll position in the new7wonders all the while not knowing the fraudulent nature of the marketing scheme! Now that the hoax is out with the realization that its not the beauty of the country that counts but rather the amount of money we can produce to get the rankings, its time to quit and focus our energies on where it matters. At the industry, the visitors, the islands and the people that makes the it tick! (the workers– like us).

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22 thoughts on “Dropping out of the new 7 wonders scam!

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  2. I’m from Indonesia, from the beginning of n7w campaign, I knew it was all about money. I won’t vote to n7w, not because I’m not a nationalist, but because I knew it was wrong. Now there’s controversy about n7w of nature in my home country, many people has been acted mad to send millions of voting sms to support our komodo (even my own girlfriend has spent some sms to support komodo, oh dear…). Our government has declined from the competition, but now n7w through their local official boost their campaign. Officially our government won’t support this event, but few days ago our president visited komodo island for routine governmental job, and n7w used it to blow up their campaign. It was a terrible blunder, and today we’re surrounded by controversy, is this competition legit or scam? Now I can only wait to 11 Nov, when they declared n7w of nature, hoping that komodo wouldn’t get into the list. Not because I’m not nationalist, but I’m afraid about traps they had prepared to squeeze our money. Good luck for Maldives, hope your tourism industry grow bigger without this odd event. Hope I can visit Maldives someday.

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