Our little law and order problem

Velezini, the reformist voice in Judicial Services Commission was stabbed in broad day light, in one of the busiest streets in the country and yet the attackers fled the scene never to be found again. Just last night there came another report of a stabbing, this time a police officer was stabbed by some gang near IGMH. Of course the attackers are unlikely to be found or even if found unlikely to receive any punishment for their violence. Male’ being so tiny as it is one wonders how can these daring crimes happen in broad day light and where the responsibility lies for preventing these crimes or making Male’ a safe place for common people live.

Of course it is easy to point at somebody and blame him/or her or for this shameful failing. But are we not all to blame for this? Do we all not have a stake in making Male’ and our other islands a safe place for fellow human beings?

  • Commenting on this story and similar stories in the past many commented rightfully that this is not the first such incident. Indeed people had been killed in broad daylight in the streets of Male’ by gangs. What the authorities had done to make Male’ or our other islands safe clearly doesn’t seem to work.
  • Whilst other advanced countries were debating putting on cameras on the streets, or subjecting the population to use id cards or the use of electric stun guns, our law enforcement agencies have been using these instruments freely and yet we do not seem to be able to control this criminality in our less than 3 sq km island city. This is not to say that there were modest improvements over a period of time, but the general public’s patience for tolerating these crimes have dropped to zero. What remains is only despair and helplessness.
  • The popular ignorant view that these ‘small crimes’ were done by boys… is another factor. These are not small crimes, these are big crimes committed by criminals. Its not boys or girls playing here. If they are playing then they are playing with peoples lives, people who have families, who are loved and cared by their families and those who loved them. The proof of this wrong assumption is well summed up in Velezini’s facebook update which she updates from her bed reading “The boys who committed the attack are simply tools of those who fear the truth and its’ consequences to them…” Nor is Velezini the only one who uses this false assumption. Our president Anni regularly uses this term ‘boys’ to refer to these criminals objects. This is one basic thing which has to change if we really want to confront this criminality.

2 thoughts on “Our little law and order problem

  1. I dont think its problem with Judges, I believe they are independent and up hold justice according to laws and constitution. So, the present situation in Maldives could be regarded as a problem with constitution and laws. Freedom to people is given as much as in western countries where crime rate is low. But, this wont work where more than 1% of total population is criminals. Therefore, Maldives needs to softens the laws to allow criminals to be taken in, it should also allow criminal records to be accounted during the prosecution. Simply voicing out proves the incapability of people and misbehaviour cannot be accepted under any circumstance. Velezinee was lucky to have survived with minor injuries, what about the people who have been passed away?

    President of Maldives said he will turn every stone to get them to face justice. Is our president a fool? Every single has submitted to police should be accepted as professional work, nothing has to be ignored, all available resources must be used to establish law and order. Level of priority might be assigned based on the type of case, not by name of the victim or his/her class.

  2. It is certainly NOT a LITTLE law and order problem. But the boys who committed the act are tools, and little fry, abused by the BIG criminals. Apprehending the boys will not bring an end to the terror, for they shall be replaced by another boy and another boy.

    What is necessary is a flushing out of those true criminals, the big bullies in Parliament and the Judiciary, and the establishment of Rule of Law.

    For that, we first need an Independent Judiciary, made up of judges who themselves believe in Rule of Law, are not afraid to uphold the law, and are willing to do so even where it may go against their personal comfort.

    We have all witnessed the circus of 4 August 2010, the day The Bullies took control of our land.

    I am all for apprehending the boys, but justice will only be delivered when we dare go beyond the obvious.

    What I witnessed in JSC and Parliament, and know as facts, are not known to all. The media ready to stand up against the Executive has failed to show that freedom in relation to the JSC or Judiciary and are complicit, perhaps through ignorance, in spreading falsehoods that provide the cover for the true criminals.

    No one has asked, why the Speaker and the esteemed judges are taking the very serious accusations I make, in sillence… Perhaps, some speak not with their tongues?

    Aishath Velezinee

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