Playing mama to guests

With the exception of a few, most resorts in our resorts tourism industry just plays mama to guests. That is, the resort makes sure the guest is fed well, can enjoy baths and showers, and makes sure they (guests) sleep comfortable at night. But is this all to Maldives tourism? Does our guests lack ways and means to sleep comfortable at home or are malnourished at their homes? Couldn’t possibly be because 100% of our clientèle comes from the affluent list in the richest countries of the world. So what we are lacking here seems to be imagination. While some resorts does indeed have this others clearly don’t.

To provide entertainment programs for guests a resort does not have to get all acrobatic and monkey-like. Simple common-sense games where guests can enjoy as individuals or as couples or as a group can bring tremendous happiness to their stay. It is also worthwhile to be reminded that the guests are likely to find fault with the resort or guest-service as much as the resort does NOT provide entertainment to guests.

Common simple games which can be organized in resorts include
baraveli race
sack race
miming competition
beach volley
beach football
etc etc.

Whilst some games are physical like volley and football, baraveli race (crab race) which is not a physical one is a universally loved game. Sometimes the games facilitator or guests names the crabs and pit a few baravelis to a race and see who wins.
Miming is also a very thrilling event and is usually conducted in resorts which have disco floors or such. Guests are full of surprises and nobody really knows what the next guest is capable of. Goni race (gunny sack race) is also a game where guests both young and old can enjoy a few happy moments on the beach.

While its true that nobody can really beat the Italians at entertainment, there are things the entertainment person (usually the GRO) can organize to get the guests out of their rooms and enjoy with other guests on the beach. With the Italian cluby style guests, its like RAI channel set all over the island. They have an entertainment director who starts as soon as the guest finish their breakfasts and continues up until the very small hours of night. No wonder resorts like these are filled with repeat guests throughout the year.


One thought on “Playing mama to guests

  1. I wonder which resorts do not offer entertainment? I think lot (if not all) offer entertainment which includes crab race, disco, live duo, like trio etc. Its definitely important.

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