Waste processing

Guests are as human as ourselves and their curiosity is mostly satisfied by explanations and demonstrations. In a typical small all contained resort, the guests would normally want to know how the resort ticks and goes its daily life. Sometimes we take the guests to our industrial areas (staff side) of the resorts to show them what happens when their room’s toilet is flushed… 🙂

An intricate network of pipes take whatever was flushed to a processing plant (its mandatory in all resorts) where the ‘products’ get processed and where ultimately waste and water get separated. The processed water is then fed to another network of pipes for supplying water for gardening and to refill the flush tank. The environmentally friendly way of course. Most guests are impressed and appreciate the system.

Also there are wide array of waste processing plants across the country in many resorts. Some plants use biological processes to do the job, whilst other (most) plants use mechanical/kinetic systems.

However what is sadly lacking in the industry at present is proper mechanisms to check and get resorts to stick to stringent rules to operate these systems so that in case the system or plant shuts down, all the sludge is not automatically diverted to the lagoon and surrounding sea unbeknownst to anyone save a few. Such practices do occur but considering the fragile natural environment around resort islands, its an unforgivable act which is little known or cared about an issue. The sludge from waste treatment plants contain all known and unknown forms of toxins and strong chemicals which if pumped to the sea and lagoon can do lasting damage to corals and such marine life which will take years to recover.


2 thoughts on “Waste processing

  1. This is a good piece of article…I do not agreed that those luxury resort will do such a horrible thing and will leave the island an dead island…If there is a will, there is a way to make profit for everyone..

    Luxury resort does not invest millions and then does not take care of its image by doing such a horrible things. Some may not pratice it as lack of know how or fund..Given time, it will inprove..


  2. As the tourist trade began on the Maldives, came the first 10 years mainly divers and adventurers – but at that time, nobody still thought of the protection of the environment.

    Since the Maldives already were offered more inexpensively as vacation-country, in the next 20 years the normally earning people (the middle class) could now afford a Maldives-vacation halfway – these people were concerned how the environment could be spared somewhat more.

    But since some years, each hotel wants to earn even more and for that reason more and more islands are rebuilt to extremely high cost luxury-islands, that normal people can afford no more. The new guests of these luxury-islands are film-stars, bankers and Mafiosi, but no more normal peoples. but for these guests counts only the money – the environment protection doesn’t interest it!

    It becomes time that the Maldivian population are interested even in the protection of the environment (not only president Mohamed Nasheed), because Resorts, like f.e. Reethi Beach, that began already years ago to convert the island environment-gentle and to shape the water-preparation in an environmentally sound way and to rearrange the waste water-disposal more effectively and to save the energy, die out unfortunately – Luxury-islands interests only the publicity value and the profit and if the hotel-island becomes unprofitable, they close the resort and leave you a dead island!

    My best wishes for the Maldives population and that I am not right with this forecast.

    Gerhard Geyer
    President of the reg. org. “Protect the Maldives”

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