Associate Opionion Surveys

Associate Opinion Survey is a pompous way of saying Employee Opinion Survey. Its the same thing and its a management tool used to gauge the staff temperature on and about various issues and departments of the resort. While most better resorts do employ this tool to feel good about themselves, the majority of resorts in the country does not seem to be aware of things like this. These surveys are conducted (where they are conducted) on an annual basis and sometimes when the HR receives the news of an imminent strike on the island. The survey is a questionnaire that goes like, “how would you rate this hotel?” and “would you keep working in this hotel in the coming century?” (that is if you are not terminated tomorrow!) and things like that. Ofcourse the answers shall always be affirmative if there is a slightest chance the ‘authorities’ can trace an employee to his/her questionnaire. For this reason the surveys shall be as anonymous as possible because people are more apt to tell the truth the more they are free from association. (that’s why the police interrogates suspects in private..makes sense right?:)) The best way to conduct such a questionnaire will be on printed paper and distributed to staff to be filled in by themselves at their own time and place. The questionnaire shall also be generic (the management will want it be specific so that they can identify areas to ‘correct’ ) so each employee will be filling the same form and employees shall not be asked to state their name or department etc.

A properly designed/worded questionnaire’s result will give a good average reading of what the staff thinks about the establishment and is a good way to rectify and focus on areas to improve. However a questionnaire that sits in a computer under armed guard (possibly inside the HR department) would hardly elicit the true feelings of the staff and would not have met the purpose of the operation in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Associate Opionion Surveys

  1. This tool is used by management to find out if the employees are happy with the resort or not..
    Once the result is known, then the management will take action to retify themselve by conducting self auditing of where does it goes wrong. resort workers should not think so negatively about this program. Writing something as negative as this comments does not help the general up bring of the employee morale and attitude.

    I have notice that many maldivian resort workers does not know how to use this tool to their own benefit by writing non sense thing like 4 letter words, name calling of managers..etc As I mentioned before, if you behave or think like a monkey..then you are well deserved to be treated like a monkey..

    I would suggest that the resort workers use this tool smartly by making smart comments and positve comments. Do not use this tool to attack or throwing anger at the management


    1. Good to see ‘Union’ back.
      Our main thrust of the article was not to be critical of the whole concept but rather to provide helpful criticism so that whatever is lacking in the process now can be rectified in the future. On this issue we suggested that such surveys and questionnaires be made completely anonymous so the staff can join and give truthful answers without fear of being traced, to their views. Remember, the questionnaire was constructed to help rectify what might have been lost to the management. Its always helpful when others can join and pinpoint mistakes in a system. So its not about what an individual staff thinks about his boss or his workplace that matters, but rather a collective assessment by the staff about a department or a management function, policy or goal.

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