The last impression

The last impression the guest gets from the resort aught to be memorable. It is this very impression that will last with the guest and will remind him to come back to the resort the following year. This is all very basic and common sense every hotelier or a ‘resortier’ would know. However complex resort logistics sometimes plays a part and giving a hard time to the guest at their last moment in resort is an all too common happening. Here is how to make this mistake.

Most resorts would schedule their pick-up and drop operation to airport and to resort and vice-versa, to be able to combine both operations in one journey. The speed boat that goes to airport with the departing guests will comeback with another batch of arriving guests. However, resort check-out times will be fixed and if the guest’s departure flight is couple of hours later than the resort checkout time, the resort might require the guests pay extra day for the continued use of their room. With tight booking in high season, the guests might be properly evicted from their room if another arrival is expected in the same room and they had not paid an extra or half day in advance. To provide for situations like this, some resorts do provide the ‘day-use room’ sometimes without extra charge till a conveniently close time could be scheduled to sent off the guests to the airport. However where such a day use room is non available and the guests were ‘evicted’ from their room to make way for another arrival, all the niceties and compliments the guests would have thought of the resort would just go evaporate then and there.

Most resort designs at design-time does not seem to be aware of situations like this and few resorts have dedicated day-use rooms built to overcome situations like this. As such, a day-use room in most resorts (where they provide this service) will be just another guest room of the same category. However resort designers seems well aware of other classes of rooms such as the Presidential Suite, The Family Room, the conjoined rooms, twin rooms and many other variations of such accommodation.

However our resorts with relatively high room rates aught to come up with the solution not to evict the guest even if the guests would not want to wish to pay an exorbitant sum of money just to keep his/her room for a couple of more hours and to ruin everything good the resort provided for the guests up until that time. Money-wise it would be like having already taken (7×500$) from the guests with no complaint and then making a scene with by demanding a further 100$ and antagonizing the already happy customer earning his/her enmity for life.