a resort worker’s fatal journey home.

­Haveeru reports the sad death of a fellow resort worker in the island of Dhonakulhi in extremely difficult circumstances. According to the source, the worker wanted to visit his family in Utheemu to take his wife to hospital in Kulhuduffushi. Despite its historic significance, the island of Utheemu does not have proper berthing facility and workers and tourists alike brave strong currents and waves to come to the island. In this situation, the worker Dauood 48, is reported to have asked the speed boat which was travelling from Dhonakulhi to Hanimaadhoo airport, to take him near the island where he jumped aboard and swam towards the island. However he was not able to make the journey safely and was later discovered dead about 100feet away where he jumped where his is one leg was trapped in the reef.

The question weather the employer Dhonakulhi was negligent in this situation is an important question to be asked. It calls to clarify how resort’s respond to valid emergency situations where workers have to return to their islands to attend to family matters. Resorts have to have proper procedures to attend to situations like these and not just drop staff overboard near their islands en-route to airport.

Dhonakulhi, Island Hideaway

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3 thoughts on “a resort worker’s fatal journey home.

  1. If this is what actually happened, the management should responsible. You can not drop someone off like that to the middle of the ocean.

  2. OMG! How can they just drop him to the ocean like that??? Can’t they take the poor guy to his island nearby????!!! Brothers & Sisters. Is this what we need in our tourism industry?

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